The Best Step In Bindings? We Review The Flow NX2, SP Fastec and K2 Cinch | SNOWBOARD.COM


We tested 3 of the most popular Step In Bindings on the market to find out which one’s are the true “King Of Convenience” .


Flow NX2

SP Fastec Private

K2 Cinch TC

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David says:

i have the fastecs and can say that the two step process is actually very easy to get used to, oh and they don’t break

Mark Simmonds says:

I tried the flow NX2s with that strap. They’re great on paper but in practice I still had to tighten and loosen the straps to get in and out. I switched to the K2 Cinch TX – much better performance and no tightening on loosening to get in and out. They are far superior to the the Flow NX2 in my opinion. Finally the Burton step ons appeared Nov 2016. I have been riding these ever since and haven’t used any other bindings. Comfort, convenience, control (performance heal to toe).

Gunnar Westholm says:

Hi Dano. In the beginning you say the Flow NX2 are brand new for 2018 because of the Active Strap in opposite to older modles. However from several sources it seems like Active Strap came already back in 2012? (N.A.S.T.Y?) I don’t know about canted footbeds? For us who can’t afford latest modles it would be very useful to have more correctly info about the what’s actually new upgrades and not.
I’ve been riding volkl Fastec upgraded with proper ratchet buckles for the last 5-6winters. Now looking for an upgrade and in search of more in depth composition in Flow Vs Fastec. Any suggestions on where to go to?

lovechunks says:

love the Flows!

JakeHerstad says:

Why doesn’t everyone use these? says:

Actually the hiback on Flow NX2 si adjustable side to side by unscrewing the 3 screws in the hiback and positioning the upper portion to the left or to the right. Also we have been selling Flow bindings in Romania for over 6 years and did not have any warranty claims on broken cables. It appears you are VERY unlucky 🙂 You should also try the hybrid strap version on the NX2, it slides in even easier and has more control in my opinion. Besides that your review was spot on these bindings. Cheers!

Yuri Boiblu says:

dont you love those rear entry bindings? lol

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