The Union Strata Snowboard Binding Review

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber

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S2000 guy says:

Looking for a binding that matches the burton cartel but has an adjustable heel loop (cant center my bindings from heel to toe with the damn cartels) I think the cartel is one of the best bindings out, but burton restrictions are making me go a different route, Ive been told this would be a good fit, if not this any recommendations? thanks

dave harrsch says:

I bought these bindings and love them. I am coming off of a pair of ride revolts so the strata is a huge difference. I matched them with this years DOA(158w) and Travis Rice pro boots. I’m an instructor on the east coast and spend most of my day doing all mountain things but cant wait to try this set up on some bigger jumps or back country jumps.

Hansen Murray says:

“..y’know I got Trump Hands…”

heh, nice.

Jazz Guitarist says:

The high back tilt rant was hilarious! Too true. I’m wondering what binding you would recommend for a rad Dad who just bought a Rossi Jibsaw for mostly carving? Any suggestions would be great !

Dave Brown says:

I have these in red on my capita mercury 159. Can you give me two other Set ups for European riding all mountain, on, off groomers, trees and side hits.

MrRoskoPeko says:

Got to wonder what they were thinking with the forward lean adjuster?

James Brace says:

Might be worth noting the mini disc isn’t compatible with boards with slam back inserts… great review btw!

J C says:

I’m drink. Happy new year

Tom Johansson says:

Like the Contact Pro better!!! Great work as always.

cory dronen says:

I have owned my fair share of unions. The most popular binding in the northwest. Just remember to put loctite on the fastener and let it cure before you put it back in.

tobias klein says:

Pls do the Union ultra

luke parker says:

I own these in black and first must say the forward lean adjuster sucks, if your out in snow and try to adjust it binds up and doesn’t operate properly. However I have found it to be the best all round binding that I have owned since the Burton Genesis X it works on almost every board and riding style I think it’s a great binding with a crap adjuster.

Dave M says:

You make me laugh man. Keep up the great reviews!!

Kuan Hau says:

Did Angrysnowboarder review the step on? I haven’t seen anyone actually review them properly, aside from the stepping in part.

Fanny Pack Films says:

The whole screws loosening thing was never a problem for me cause I actually check my shit and tighten it regularly.

Andrew Downie says:

Was torn between these and the Arbor Cypress 2019, still stand by the Arbors glad I got them!

Dan Hollingsworth says:

“don’t judge me” lol

Jordan Main says:

My GF’s unions sucked ,Screws would come loose every other ride ,that includes the baseplate screws

ilearpl says:

Is there a chance for a Flux bindings review?

Kuan Hau says:

Sold a few of these, those straps are the bomb. And yeah that high back adjustment. I’m sure most beginners would just peel that sticker right off and never know what to do.
Nice explanation on the mini disc. Good review.

Get Nautical says:

I have this years force white with the same straps. They are so comfy

Joshua Sills says:

Ive blown out a burton cartel highback and a Rome vice highback because of forward lean failures so im OK with overengineered

Al King says:

On my stratas one hi back had the screw forward lean and one has the circle adjustment. I like the binding, but definitely got a hodgepodge pair before the quality control fixes they did.

Rafal S. says:

So, these are very similar to Ride LTD?

TrippY ZiggY says:

Have you checked out the new T. Rice falcors? I think you’ll really like them if you like these.

slimcassidy says:

I was looking at these, the Nitro Team, the Katana, the Arbor Cypress and the Now Pilot. Got to demo the strata 2 weeks ago in mammoth. Glad I did before I bought. That stupid forward lean adjuster twisted on me after a couple hours out of nowhere and froze in the unlocked position and me and 2 friends tried to twist back to lock it down and couldn’t. Every time I would carve on my heel-side, it would pop into a new location. Supper annoying and frustrating. Such a dumb way to adjust. Now I just have to decide between the Nitro Team, the Cypress or the Katana. Wish I could demo them all. Any thoughts on those other 3? I ride a NS Proto 2 wide. Getting older and breaking my back a couple seasons ago; Mostly just rippin all mountain, side hits, back country pow and working on laying out some Euro carvs these days.

Dan Hollingsworth says:

I kind of disagree with the forward lean adjustment. I would love to be able to adjust anything on my binding on the fly, quickly. That’s just me. But I’m lazy, I’m definitely buying step ons for next season.

ellstacker adventures says:

Happy new year

Pawel goliszek says:

First time I seen that lean adjuster I thought this is complete waste of time. And I can’t remember how to use it with out the sticker cause I’m burnt..

Scott James says:

But no PNW concrete pow? Time for you and Marcus to take a vacation and rally over here 😉

Flavio Cruz says:

So you and Union have come into terms? Interesting binding, I like my contact pros but might get stratas or ultras in the future!

lucas sutton says:

Its about time union updated their binding line, the forces felt like bindings from 15 years ago, not great just up to par with other bindings in that era.
Nice review, they look dope but, I upgraded from the force to a much better binding: the rome katana, despite the hype I definately feel the katanas are the all mountain quiver binding.

proudie69 says:

Haha premature releasing!!

Rob Gams says:

I just bought these in the hyperblue. Good binding overall, the forma strap is legit. I also ride the Forces and Cartels. I like a slightly stiffer/more responsive binding and think the forces and cartels are a bit more locked in and responsive.

Bohdisattva says:

Have these in red. Cush ride like a Cadillac brah

Allan Elliott says:

I’m torn between Union or Flux when it comes to response. I have the Atlas but super curious on the Flux XF. And yeah, the Strata’s forward lean adjustment is lame.

Funny how it took Union this long to address the ankle straps screws from coming loose.

Rob Rodgers says:

What would it take to get you out of your K2 binders for good?

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