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In this video I’ve got a few tips for buying snowboard bindings. Binding are important because they’re the bridge between you and your snowboard, transferring your skills and movements into your snowboard. Getting the right pair of bindings will enhance your snowboarding and help you stay comfortable and safe.


Jonas says:

Can you make a tip video for snowboards too? 🙂

Jordan Morrison says:

How about buying bindings second hand? Do you have a second hand buying guide/ video?

Joe Qiao says:

Hi, Just wondering how tight should I fasten my binding straps to my boots please?
When I make it tight enough to give me the responsiveness I often find my feet starting to hurt a lot from the tightness. But losen it create the opposite effect as feeling very blunt on turning.
Just wondering if I just need to practice more to let me feet get used to the pressure? or is it something wrong about my boots size?


Patrick Arville says:

I hear mixed reviews about these but what are your thoughts on rear-entry bindings?

Tristan says:

Aren’t there also those slide on button bindings now?

Jack Munro says:

Would you recommend getting two caps or two straps?

Matheus Victor says:

Great video

SwissGravityForce says:

I love the malavita binding. So confortable and fitting so good…

Ailison Carvalho says:

Hey Kevin I would like to say thanks you because I learned how to snowboard with your videos and you inspired me to try doing tricks, I fail in a lot but a few I could handle. hahahaha I’m from Brazil and I went to the Andes in Chile here in south america, 4 hours away in a flight from São Paulo, and I made a short video with a few tricks, try to watch any time (watch?v=OqDfPY2gbqY). Next snow trip I intend to go to Whistler on February and try to catch a ride with you to say thanks for all you efford and patience doing these videos. :p

Maltman Davis says:

Very good Video, as always. Very helpful. Thanks!

autoassign says:

Yesss thank you

lk4d4tube says:

What is your opinion about fastec bindings?

travis slater says:

at 35 seconds, I have those same bindings

Ailison Carvalho says:

Nice tips bro, thank you.

Aleks of the Night says:

I’m a beginner/intemediate snowboarder, and i want to buy the Burton Ripcord 2014/2015. There’s a pack with the board + the outpost Black bindings. Are they compatible with the channel system or should i buy some others?? (Sorry for my english, i’m french ) 😉
Thank you

Franky Action says:

Since you say bring your boots with you, you don’t suggest to buy it online ?

Majmune Plays says:

You so must buy an soft binding if you are driving a soft boards

Shelby Barnhardt says:

Can you make a video how to mount your bindings on your snowboard?

Simon Kern says:

i recently ordered the capita thunderstick (149) I’m 5’8 and 130 lbs and i am wondering if i can put large bindings on it the width of the board is 24.7 and i have size 11 boots and large bindings. please help!!!!!

Superior Mango says:

What about tho flow bindings (reclining high back)

Hugo Willis says:

If I have medium bindings and 144cm regular freestyle board will I get toe or heel drag

Number Six says:

What does the high back adjustment adjust exactly? Why would you choose one adjustment point over another?

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

I like burton bindings I have cartels est. I like the way you can adjust the size to make it stretch out so it will make for a proper fit. If you find your boots Alittle to long

Luis Faguás says:

What do you think about fastec or flow bindings??? Thanks!!!

Cedric Tero says:

I have a canting system on my bindings. Do you recommend them?

I use 2013 Rome 390 Boss Bindings

Nick Jenks says:

This may sound weird but were did you get your beanie, and shirt?

lacrosse4higher says:

+SnowboardProCamp is my setup gonna give me any trouble, i want a park board but im worried my boots are too soft
Rome Artifact
K2 Hurrithane bindings
DC Phase boots

Rodion Stolyar says:

What is the idea setup for your first board?

Hugo Solari says:

hey im bougth a gnu eco choice and im looking for a goog bindings mach (bend metal logic or union flite pro?? thxs!

eemill18 says:

Can you maybe make an episode about back protectors?

e36 stance says:

where can I buy all this gear and be able to try everything on?

James3160 says:

Do a video on how to adjust angles on binding placement, and how to take them on and off please!

Joe Qiao says:

Beginner mistake from my personal experience. If you learned snowboard without adjusting your bindings at all. Once you make changes make sure you try it out nice and slow on a beginner track. I learned it the hard way by going very fast on intermediate track after making a big adjustment on the binding distance between my legs. Launched like a superman and fractured my ribs at a turn. Hah..

Juyoung Sung says:

are union bindings good?

Anonymous says:

good tips , as allways

Wouter de Schepper says:

You just have uploaded all the answers to all the questions I have about snowboard gear

Vik Vijan says:

Hey Kevin. Is it okay if your boot goes over the end of your bindings?

Iforlife Behmanesh says:

Do you have to buy an snowboard boot or snowboard helmet or can you just use normal ones

Alex Graham says:

Do a giveaway on some Lx large bindings

Barry says:

Thanks Kevin, great videos. Should I change the angle depending on conditions? Say for northeast harder/packed snow. Would a lower angle help turns? Heel 2 toe in particular.

Robby Zacharias says:

You should do a gearbag that is indepth

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