Top 5 All Mountain Bindings For 2019

Welcome to Top 5’s where your host decides what their top 5 picks are. You might agree with them, you might disagree with them, but the fact of the matter is you’re watching them. Tune in every Wednesday starting in June for a new episode.

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5. Ride Ltd.
4. Burton Malavita
3. Burton Clutch (Late Release 2018)
2. Arbor Cypress
1. Rome Katana

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: Hanging Out

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4. The House
3. REI
2. Backcountry
1. Evo


ChickenPotPie Roasted says:

Drop a jolly rancher in that ZIMA!!

Chris L says:

Bent Metal Transfer?… any honorable mentions?

big boom says:

Union strata??

Jonathan Norris says:

So I have used B’s bindings forever but the last 2 sets cartels (2015, 17) will not center. Disks are set all the way forward in the rear 3 hole settings edge to edge. It is 1″+ off center on heel side.

Mike Fisher says:

Great list! What do you guys think of the NOW bindings. I was looking at their Jeremy Jones edition for this season

Allan Elliott says:

Zima in da house! LOL!!!!

gregory49 says:

How is the clutch on really stiff boards? Say a thinker or custom x?

Stan Deeks says:

Is the katana worth the extra price compared to the cypress? The one thing I didn’t like about the arbor was no release latch on the toe strap, but don’t know if that’s worth the nearly 150.00 Canadian extra price.

Antonios Tsoulidis says:

Hey Kev, nice vid. Is there a big difference between the katana 2019 vs Targa 2018 and would you put the Targa on a rome mod rocker? Thx man

Jsloth4130 says:

Just saw the Clutch is available for ’19. The price is close to the Mission which arguably has better straps/ratchets. Would you still stick with the Clutch over the Mission from a performance standpoint? I’m looking for something that allows for a lot of board flex, yet still gets power to the edge. Board is a Rome Buckshot.

Joseph Auler says:

No flow bindings?

PiMpiNx187 says:

No mention of Union…weird

Byron says:

Hey Kevin, did you get a chance to ride Salomon District? Wondering what your thoughts are on their Shadowfit tech.
Nice vid!

Rob Gams says:

Where did the union force, union strada, and cartel stack up? Close or way off?

Snowboard School says:

Union Strata are the best bindings this season in my opinion..

marco pinsker says:

was actually looking at the b’ clutch bindings the other day and they tripped me out a bit. wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. but for what they are and the price they seem pretty solid. – glad you guys are around.

Sammie Tam says:

No Now binding? Now Recon should be in the top 3.

TheOhioan216 says:

Cypress is my all time favorite binding now, super comfy. Probably won’t ride anything else.

Antonio Bidoni says:

talk about where the bindings are made

Whiterun Guard says:

Bent metal?

tricia kattell says:

Any thoughts on women’s bindings?

Dre Who says:

What about rear entry bindings?????????
We need a review for rear entry bindings gd.

Remember enter the rear!

N Q says:

I love these top 5 reviews! Really gives a great perspective and overview. I kinda wish you and Avran both were in the video arguing the pros of cons of each. Always like the ways you guys riff off of each other. Then again manufacturers may get too scared to send you stuff to review. lol

mougabo says:

have you tried the union strata?? they seem interesting

stevros48 says:

So how do the clutches measure up against the Burton cartels , Genesis x , Genesis , Malavitas and Union Atlas ? Would the cartels be more all mountain or more all mountain freestyle?

Slothiest says:

No union atlas. Ooof

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