Union Binding Comparison – CONTACT vs FORCE vs ATLAS

UNION CONTACT: https://goo.gl/LxkWtC
UNION FORCE: https://goo.gl/G6wJvx
UNION ATLAS: https://goo.gl/qDY9Bm

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Instrumental produced by Chuki: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

I’ve ridden these bindings in the past but have never tested them back to back to really try to feel the differences. To test them out we had some slushy conditions, which helped get more pressure in the bindings, and we were lapping the Pali chair at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado. This chair accesses some fun groomed and ungroomed terrain, trees, and 2 terrain parks. The Union Contact is the softest and most tweakable binding of the three, and I found the Atlas to be the most responsive. As you go up from softer to stiffer bindings you are basically trading tweakability for support and responsiveness. Let me know what you think about these bindings down in the comments, thanks for watching.


Joshua Schaffer says:

I have the contact and they are a pretty nice binding.

Jesse Klueckmann says:

Union contact pro has a design flaw. Screws come loose on binding heel part, slides out during the day. Rubbish product

Yo Greco says:

Riding the new scotty

Steven Harris says:

That’s the beat for plug walk lol

yourlifematterlikeother people's says:


Rob Gams says:

TJ, I’m moving from Burton Cartels to Union, which Unions are most comparable to the Cartels?

Jesse Klueckmann says:

Tj you look like you ride better overall using the force!

Sam Child says:

Lol finally!!

Yitzhak B-gomerzky says:

Yeah! GJ man. Thx.

Ed says:

This is the video I needed!!

Mike Rowley says:

The biggest problem I have found with union bindings is that the screws seem to come loose constantly no matter how hard you tighten them. Really sucks

Mitchell Jarvis says:

That was soo sick!! But isn’t there quite the difference between contact and contact PRO? Homie at the local board shop said atlas is the step up version of the contact pros, So I’m super confused!

Brodie Forgan says:

Does anyone know where I can get a set of contacts with the sick union logo on the back? The ones in the video I mean ?

Matthew Robinson says:

Oh mah gerrd! You actually did it!!

Zach Lee says:

So what’s everyone’s preferance, union contact vs union contact pro?

Sly Dog says:

Any thoughts on the falcor?

Kayla Greene says:

Awesome video!

Tim Johnson says:

A. TJ, your frontside ‘noseblunt’ is SICK (maybe I’ll try to argue my ‘no such thing as a blunt on snowboard’ on the next live chat)
2. I think no-tool adjustable straps are dumb. They always come loose. Just give me a good ‘lobed’ head screw, and I will set my bindings to my boot size, then move on.
III. Have you ever tried the shadow fit bindings from Salomon?

Marty Slush says:

Nice review TJ! I’m riding the Nitro wizards but I consider getting a pair of union bindigs for my pow board. Stylish neck warmer. What brand is it?

Lemon Doser says:

i have had my contact pros for two seasons. During this season all of my hardware would become extremely loose. Also, I noticed that the channels in my discs are too long…so whenever I set my bindings to an angle and tighten them the screws will wedge to either one side of the channel or the other. Therefore 12 degrees could be at 15 degrees or 9 degrees (although it says it is set at 12), it usually wedges and my binding angle shifts on me while riding (without serious wiggle). after each run I have to kick my bindings out so they are “duct” again. Pretty shitty flaw for an otherwise convenient binding

TheOhioan216 says:

I find the straps on unions to be uncomfortable, and the high backs. The buckles also break all the time. I have few year old contacts but the buckles broke in the first year.

Jesse Klueckmann says:

Hey TJ, would really appreciate some commentry on the heelcup coming loose, in particular on the contact pro model, as there is a separate compartment on the main frame of the binding which lends itself moreso to this problem. It seems like alot of people having the same issue. Kevin did a union binding video not long ago and the same issues arose for alot of people. What is the solution. Have you been in discussion with Union about this? Have you ever experienced it or anyone you know who uses union? Thanks. Keep up the good work

ejump0 says:

I was in the market for bindings and Unions got my attention for looking cool and super flat when folded, but reviews on loose screw issues steered me away.

random ness says:

Could you guys also do some woman board and binding reviews?
I’m looking for a new board no idea what to get.

chicharonbuyakyak says:

What’s the women’s counterpart to those bindings?

bobjohnson says:

Do u plan on reviewing the 2019 union stratas?

Billy Boards says:

First here

Marcos Perez says:

Yes screws come loose and they seem better suited for lighter guys if ur on the heavy side I wouldn’t recommend union

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