3 Beginner Snowboard Gear Problems

Learn the three biggest problems that beginner snowboarders run into with their gear and how to solve those problems. The first problem is not having your snowboard waxed. If your snowboard isn’t waxed it can stick to the snow, which makes it nearly impossible to learn. New snowboards come with wax already on it, but second hand snowboards need to be waxed. The second problem is having pants, jackets and gloves that aren’t water proof. As a beginner you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in the snow and pushing yourself up. It’s important to keep your snowboard gear waterproof to stay warm and dry though out the day. I used a waterproofing spray to make my gear waterproof again. The third problem is not having your stance setup on your snowboard. The proper snowboard stance is important to set you up for a successful first day. If you have any gear or snowboard questions you can leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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Ya boy Vader says:

An Olympian helped me and my sister learn how to snowboard, his name is Nick Baumgartner

AOmonsta says:

I’ve always used used boots, but today I used brand new boots for the first time and my calves got destroyed. Rubbed raw. Could this be caused by the boots, highback? Also would extra padding be your suggestion?

R yan says:

Hi, Quick question! Do rented/hired boards come waxed or is it best to bring your own? Thanks

Erika Constantino says:

as a beginner how can i know whats comfortable with the bindings?

nate stalnecker says:

should i wax skis?

Erika Constantino says:

as a beginner how can i know whats comfortable with the bindings?

miguel padilla says:

awesome videos. hey man I’m learning to wax my board and after my first ride my edges look white and I was told that’s how it looked when it needed a wax. what am I doing wrong

Zack Zahniser says:

Why do you have so many skis

JakeRecordsToo says:

Hey kev I love you dude! Love watching your vids right before season to hype me up! This year would be the first year I have actually purchased a actual snowboard jacket. Always just rocked layers with a sweatshirt. Not ideal but heck ya man! Pray for the snow to hit us heavy

Shadow Ninja says:

you look so like gary barlow

JaWiz3k says:

What is your opinion on detuning your edges around the contact points and nose/tail? Does it help for flat tricks? Will it affect control while carving?

Jolie Nijenbrink says:

Make it a lot of diverents whiths kind of boots you are wearing?

xXspectre170Xx says:

So I’m going to buy Burton Cartel bindings for a Capita Supernova all mountain board. I wear a size 8 and both small and medium size bindings will fit. Do you think I should size up or go with a small size? Also I’m 5’6″ so should I go with a 153 or a 156 board?

Saltine says:

What kind of wax Should we use

Runetone says:

lol its not hard to ride a not waxed borad com on. almoste alle beginners here ride rental gear that get wax one time a sesson. And duck stans for beginners !!! do you have ENY teaching education ????

NexusTK FreeToPlay says:

If you rent a board how can you change the stance…

Michelle Werner says:

hi. my board is brand new and i haven’t used it yet. so is it waxed or do i have to do it before i first go snowboarding?

Itchy Awesome says:

You are one of the luckiest people on earth you get to snowboard nearly every day!

Cksuzor 12345 says:

I’m in whistler right now

Mike Malveaux says:

Number one problem I see with beginners is getting the boots tied correctly. Often the tongue is outside instead of inside, and usually the liner is too loose as are the exterior laces. Number two problem is wearing jeans instead of snow pants. Number three would be stance angles. Usually they’re like 6 and -6 or 9 and 0, when 15 and -15 would work better. Some rental shops still set binding angles like it’s 2003 or something.

Bradley Hill says:

Hey I’ve been a fan of your videos since last season. I wanted to let you know to keep up the good work.

I also have a question for you. I bought a new board last season but due to some early season riding and a few unlucky rocks, I picked up a few fairly noticeably deep scratches. I was reading that as long as they aren’t running horizontally across the board or core shots, it’s nothing that really needs to be fixed. I also noticed you have been riding the same board for a few years now. So I figured you have either fixed such stuff, or you just ride on with no problems. So is this something a little wax will fix, or do I need to get some p-tex?

Loaf3r says:

Since Winter comes so late here i always have to snowboard for two days straight before i can snowboard normally, and on the second day last year i managed to break my wrist so i couldnt snowboard the whole season and this winter im unprepared. Help

Melchor Perez says:

Great video! I learned something new.

Anthony Kuzmich says:

Hi I just went snowboarding for the first time and borrowed a board from a buddy. He’s an experienced rider and is also larger than me. I am 5’6″ and 125 lbs, and the board he let me borrow was a 157. He bought another board and is giving me the board I borrowed, which I had a fairly decent time in, but I had nothing to compare it to. Would you recommend a smaller board or will this board be fine?

5777 says:

what snowboard is that?? which type of burton

AK3L says:

Would you recommend spraying new gear (jacket/pants) with the waterproof spray? The gear rates at 10k so I dont know if its needed.

John Hu says:

what are some good waterproofing spray ?

Kristjan Čebulj says:

I had my board for 2 seasons now and just wanted to ask – How do i know if it’s waxed enough? I don’t want to come into a shop and they’re like ”ughh no it’s cool u didn’t need to wax it really.” Any tips?

Ozzirt Productions says:

Some good points. Point 1 proper scraping is essential point 2 wash in Eco water proof is possibly more Eco than spray. Not sure I agree on point 3 about setting back stance , having a centred stance is in my opinion easier what ever level you , the exception to this is set back may help experience riders on steeper terrain

CC CUBER says:

First of all I want to start off with that I love your channel and keep up the good work! I was wondering what are some great every week snowboards that are for free style?

jukji1821 says:

Thanks for the all the videos! Can’t wait to get back on the slopes!!
How often do you recommend waxing your board?

Gabriel Larscheid says:

hay snowboard pro camp I love your videos they’re so helpful

SO Storms says:

Thx for the tips

Pep Lluis Llado says:

Hey! Nice video! Season has already started! Do you have any tips&tricks to keep feet warm? Thanks!

Rikki Prince says:

How much back towards the tail would you set your bindings? Also, if you know whether you ride regular or goofy, why do you set up as a duck stance?

Logan Sonenstahl says:

Do you need to scrape the wax off? I can’t afford a waxing iron so I have rub on wax that has a buffing pad on the top of the cap, I just rub it on and buff it, do I need to scrape it?

Alexander Antonov says:

Great video man! Could you explain the difference between waterproof technologies or is something like nikwax tx spray sufficient for your relatively cheap membrane jacket not to get wet in the snow?

Dansyoutube says:

Thanks for this video man! I wish I would have know all this last January. This really helps!

Tomboy Phoenix says:

I actually want a snowboard this Christmas just to learn, I was wondering if vegetable shortening is a good substitute for wax cuz I’ve seen people use it on their boards, I personally think its dumb don’t do that but I was never really sure

elmoattack1 says:

I go snowboarding every year and I find that my lower calves start hurting on the outside about an hour in and the pain increases all the way until I really can’t ride anymore. Why does this happen? And what can I do to fix it?

Billy Boards says:

What make of jacket should I get and please mention this in one of your Q&A’s

Dawson Germano says:

Quick question how much overhang is too much and is the a simple fix like increasing the angle or decreasing

nerdexproject says:

W/o this video I’d be the guy with an unwaxed board! xD

daniel gomes says:

You think the burton flight attendant would be a good board for me I have been riding for 2 years and I am doing blues

Lance Warwick says:

I’m looking to progress my rail riding this season, and I was just wondering how I should sharpen my edges? I’ve heard people say to detune between the bite points, detune between the bindings and some people say to completely take the edge down. What’s the best option?

Dust Rider says:

+/- 13° ??? Are you shure? Couldn’t do that with my bindings…

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