7 Tips for Buying Snowboard Pants


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In this video I’ve got seven tips for buying a new snowboard pants. The first tips it to shop around a few stores to find the brands and style of snowboard pants you like. The second tips is find snowboard pants that have a good fit. Next, find materials that are comfortable to ride in. The fourth tip is to check out the pants features and tech. Next, check the water proofing of the snowboard pants and make sure it suites the condition you’ll be riding in. Then make sure the pants suite your personal style. Finally check out the price of the pants and make sure it fits into your budget.

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Nick Morgan says:

i was interested in the thirty two crab grab colab boots and i saw you had the can you do a initional thoughs video

aye bro says:

I’m about a 32 in regular pants, what size would that be in snowboarding pants/bibs?

Alex S. says:

Now I know for what the straps on my jacket and loops on my pants are. 🙂

WolfGunCZ says:

Hi Kevin Pearce, where are you live? It’s very beautiful land. 😀

matthew breen says:

fuckk you

Ericka128 says:

I live in South Florida , my closest ski , snowboarding Store is 5 hours away , Orlando Florida . Its hard to shop around when the store is that far , i will shop online and hope for the best . Thanx for the videos .

fattyfatfat911 says:

where can i buy the volcom articulated pants in vancouver!!

Jesse Vega says:


I am wondering about the snowboard pants you are wearing. Which brand/name are they? I really dig the slim fit.
I have a pair of Burton pants that are “Sig” fit, baggy but not too much. However, I am now looking for something for modern and more slim.

Thank you,


Sam Billington says:

What snowboard pants do you use?

Wally Ginter says:

gopro tips (i know you have done some before but i mean like the tech stuff that will be cool and less about the best shot)

Кирилл Соколов says:

can u make some english subtitles?

HardwareAddiction says:

Hmm.. my tip for pants, get a spot on size so it’s perfectly snug without a cumbersome belt. Personally, I had great success with Volcom. Their jackets have a patent called “ziptech”, which other brands don’t, any of their pants zip to any of their jackets and then no snow ever comes in. Luckily, Volcom is a great brand that makes no BS kind of stuff so I can easily recommend getting both items from them. I run with 2014 Ventral pants and Oxnard jacket, which is a 15k shell, super comfy and is made from some tough materials that don’t tear easily when your board rubs on your side. They really put their minds into these small details, hehe.

phyce nexopla says:

can you do an in depth video on extremely steep riding (like the chute at mount baker for example) or maybe just explain to me how to get down it without ruining the snow for others

Steven Chambers says:

I live in langley BC where is a good place to buy snow board gear

Nathaniel Freet says:

Do one on buying snowboard boots please

Andre Elias says:

I prefer overalls ,I hate snow comes inside my pants and I wear two or three sizes bigger just to keep the style you know right? Hehe !!

Marcussh10 says:

Is there any difference on skiing and snowboarding pants? like will it make any difference when snowboarding? I have skiing pants and I don’t have the money to invest in new pants if not neccessary

szechuan sauce says:

I have a green, black and white plaid jacket and I’m looking for new pants, should I get tan, black, or white pants

GreggyAnt says:

I am looking for overalls snowpants. You got any suggestions @SnowboardProCamp?

Paul Budgell says:

What do you think of Westbeach pants for snowboarding?

David Micevski says:

+SnowbordProCamp can I use ski pants?

Alexdelfino says:

200 canadian is about 150 US by the way

Cherith Rolph says:

Great tips! Thanks

Ryan Lux says:

Hey Kevin! Do average snowboard pants keep you warm in freezing temperatures with no base or underlayer? Most pants look really thin.

YuzukiEba says:

Is he wearing DC pants ?

Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

Zippered pockets are a must

ahnaf nafi says:

I just bought one but height is a bit too long what should I do?

Kubson 8 says:

How long is your snowboard???

Wheelbite says:

If you pay full price for pants you are being cheated by the system haha .. Just buy last years model

Kylie Rozzell says:

Could you do a video about buying snowboard accessories like irons, wax ,tuners, etc

Riley Hutch says:

what is ur best trick

Leevi21 says:

what is the mid price range for kids snowboard pant im 13 and about 160cm

Ittai Shaked says:

I don’t even need to buy pants this season I just watch all your videos to give you support haha

Cameron Linger says:

When u say ur price that u pay for, is it in Canadian or US currency

Pextin says:

I know this is a weird question, but have you ever had issues with the colour of your snowboard pants washing off? When do you usually decide that you need to buy new ones?

Jovan Mendez says:

You should do a vlog

Lincoln Mohr says:

So if I can do a frontside 360 is a backside the same

Cam Dean says:

Do a vid on you thirtytwos!!!!!!

Trevor Johnson says:


spencer vance says:

do you ever manage the terrain park or get to set it up? and could I set up my own with the ski hills permition?

E-Mazing says:

Can you reply to this comment?

Statistical Outlier says:

Hey Kevin, thanks for the video. It might also be worth mentioning that snowboard pants should have fully taped seams (and not critically taped seams). While fully taped is a more expensive feature, it also means that there is a much lower chance of water getting through any seams.

Cashfever12 says:

Just wear dickie overalls they work for me and are one of the most popular snow pants for everyone and cheap

Annika Devlin says:

Can u make a “what’s in my back pack video?

Knowlton Griffiths says:

What do you do with your phone when your on the mountain

Sarah Szymczyk says:

hey, I looked all over the internet for some info about bibs. I’m an avid park rider and pretty much an all mountain rider as well. I’ve been looking into getting a bib for this season, but one of my friends mentioned that there was less mobility in a bib and it was tougher to rotate and whatnot. I throw some pretty big rotations and obviously don’t want that to be affected, but I would definitely like to have more snow protection. I was trying to find some peoples opinions about this. Anybody have any advice about bibs?

German Abdurahmanov says:

200$ is a mid range D:

Maxwell says:

Maybe a suggestion for channel. Keep videos consistent. Last week you had 2-3 videos and this one you have one and so on. I (and yes this is my opinion hope others can share theirs) like when i have constant videos from someone. Like I know some youtuber will put his video on Wednesday and I always look forward to his video that day.

Unbelievable Smoothie says:

Do a video on gloves/ bennies and other accessories like that

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