Best gloves for Winter Photography – Vallerret photography glove 2017 Review

I am a huge fan of these gloves from Vallerret, last year’s model held up great, and these new 2017 models have some really really nice additions.


LastForgottenNinja says:

Thanks for this. As someone looking to do future snowy/wet..non hot shots.. clothes items like this is fantastic to know about

Dave Dillahunt says:

Thanks for the review. I have a pair of similar gloves (2-3 years old) that have the magnets. The only downside is the magnets, being metal, get really cold in these glove so my index finger freezes anyway. I wonder if the Vallerets have avoided this issue.

Joe Jessey says:

Hey Nick I pre-ordered the new gloves and received them right before Christmas. I love these gloves and they work just like Vallerette says they do. I definitely would recommend them to any Photographer than photographs in cold weather.

Steve Rix says:

I was literally just watching you review of last years gloves, what a coincidence. I am tempted by these for a winter trip, they are not cheap however! Are they breathable? As their website does not mention this.

Photog Adventures says:

You are a nice non-greedy guy, Nick! I know you have said you just don’t need to get rich off your friends. But since it doesn’t cost us anything more, we don’t mind giving you credit and commission for the purchase if you included say an Amazon affiliate link. It’s a nice way to show our support for ya, man! Consider it. -Aaron

skipperliviu says:

Thanks man, this comes in the perfect moment that I would want to search for a pair of photography winter gloves, could you please put the links in the description, it would be great as affiliate for you, and for us too, thanks!

adamaj says:

Fjallraven makes excellent outdoor/winter gear.

Allan Davies says:

Thank you for the recommendation .

lordofming says:

Very good ideas ! I was wondering as I live in sweden and -20 and havign to remove my gloves is horrible… What about the magnets because they can damage your phone / credit card etc

Angela Thomas says:

Hi I just ordered the Markhof Pro gloves didn’t really like the mitten type. Looking forward to getting them 🙂

gameshoes says:

Looks like they’re out of stock for the Medium size. What a shame, looks like I’ll be dealing with my bulky gloves until I can get a pair.

james flames says:

Nick, looks like you’ve got loaded fingers when you pull the tips back on those gloves. Don’t mess with him. Thanks for the recommendation though. These look like good gloves for photographers.

Rui Augusto says:

hi Nick thans for the tips. what hand warmers do you use?

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