Buying New Snowboard Gear – Helmet & Mittens

Chris’ New Baller Gear:
Anon Blitz Helmet:
Howl Fairbanks (sold out), more Howl Mitts:

In this video we’re on the hunt for new gear for Chris. After wearing Kevin’s hand-me-down mittens and helmet for a few weeks it’s time to get something fresh. With wet hands and a sore head we hit up some shops. The mittens are barely functioning with holes appearing all over, good for storing change inside but definitely no longer waterproof. The old helmet is in good condition but a sub-par fit is leaving him with a pressure point at the top of the forehead. After riding all day we ride down to the village and head first to Showcase Snowboards to check out their gear. After looking at the mittens we check out the helmets and find the new Anon Blitz. They are owned by Burton and come with 2 year warranty, and are a really good fit for his giant oddly shaped cranium. When buying new gear check out all the brands and find your favorite. Focus on function over fashion to be happy with your purchase and avoid any buyer’s remorse

Walking around Whistler we meet a couple of fans and stop for a chat before heading to the north side of the village to the Circle: they carry some of the more obscure brands, including Howl mittens. After trying on a few pairs and making a mess of their display he settles on the Howl + Airblaster Fairbanks black mitts with the pterodactyl on the palm.
With all the hard work done its time to grab a burger and call it a day.

KEVIN INSTAGRAM: @snowboardprocamp



DnBQemist says:

Advise for everyone: don’t get those cheap mittens spend the extra money and get Hestra gloves they’ll last 10 years

Derek Leonhardt says:

Did someone just watch Borat?

Nicholas Coldwell says:

lmaooo chris is hilarious

FrappedJas says:

What snowboard does Chris have?

Anton Radke says:

Bro good work being an excellent shopper for helmets and mittens, buf when the fuck are we gonna see you go shopping for a face mask/balaclava

Dandelions Dandelions says:

Kev and Chris are vegan? High five ✋

#themoreyouknow #interestingfacts

Klinta Kupce says:

Holy shit Ziggy fucking Stardust!!!

Al 3000 says:

One day I hope I run into you guys walking around whistler! Maybe you should do a little meet up or something.

Ry Kim says:

Okay, you guys are hilarious.. Su’d!!

Oliver George says:

I can see my place in the first clip

goddammit Evan says:

That David Bowie thought

Allo says:

Have the gloves protections for the wrist?

PaigeC says:

I have the same helmet!

jcdeng says:

planning on making some merchandise? I would love some stomp pads/stickers and hoodies of SnowboardProCamp logo.

goddammit Evan says:

That David Bowie thought

Joseph Gorman says:

I am from georgia too!!!

C815richard says:

Not sure why this bothers me so much but WHY THE FUCK would you where mits !!! on a mountain ? why not gloves where you can move all your fingers !?!?!!?

comeberza says:

I love where you live, you have the snow right next to the street, I must take 1 car hour to the nearest place

paBlo Marro says:

dude, what is this video for..?

Ketan says:

best helmet for frameless goggles?

Jake Helgerson says:

What pole do you use for your GoPro?

G-wiz says:

I got some beats on my channel if u need mostly hip hop

Henning Nilsen says:

That guy fangirling all over you put the widest smile on my face. Feel good being recognizably famous?

Oliver Bonn says:

Lass dich nicht verarschen

Mehr anzeigen

FX Master says:

137th comment

Valdis Urbans says:

Why do gapers and park riders wear helmet over a beanie and googles?

David Mullin says:

You guys crack me up. Keep up the good work!! C’mon over to Scotland some time!

Taylor Day says:

You should do snowboarding vlogs about the whole day, breakfast places in whistler, preparations for snowboarding, best places to shred on the mountain, best lunch places! Your should be a vlogger

here and there says:

you guys trade your clothes???

Moses says:

I have a question about my board…I am 1,75m tall and my board goes to my nose/eyes. The board is a Nitro Naturals 63 (2006)

Do you think it’s to big for me?

goddammit Evan says:

That David Bowie thought

Jason Brown says:

Thanks for the vid, guys. How high is Chris? Lol! Totally enjoyed your shopping session!

Allo says:

Kevin what is your mask? It’s awesome I would really like one with a design with full glass on the front. Any recommendations? Tips?

Theruserofusernames says:

I got a 1:03 unskipable ad :/

Ronan Smyth says:

why not leather gloves ?

Carter Wood says:

“whats the next purchase”? names every other piece of equipment! lol

Nedim Serdar says:

where is this place..?

Brawadis says:

my local stores dont have sandbox at all, looking at your helmet rack i am so jealous. i need to order mine D:

e Majdak says:

You guys are hilarious 😉 And thanks to you I can master them turns! xx

Zunzohz says:

Sick gaper gap!

James Davis says:

Was the guy from Georgia from the country of Georgia in Europe, or down south in the United States? He definitely doesn’t sound Southern, but I know somebody from the country of Georgia & the guy in your vid here doesn’t seem to really have the Euro accent either, but I’d guess from there more than down south U.S.

101crazybiker says:

Hey Chris,
New helmet looks great and maybe now your hair does go right to the top! Safe riding guys.

Cetlical says:

3:30 that akward fist high five

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