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A common question I get on the channel is “Should I wear wrist guards?”. The most common injury for beginner snowboarders is wrist related. From my own experience and from talking to safety patrollers, any safety equipment can help keep you safe. Helmets, wrist guards, crash pants, knee pads can all help to keep you protected on the mountain.


Elliot Damon says:

Hey kevin i need some help i tried last year and yesterday a hole bunch to land a front 270 on but i can’t get it is there any advise u can give me i have video clips of it so i could show u where im at but usually i get 270 and i land and just stop or i slide out and nearly hit my face on the grind. i have only tries in my backyard because i have a grind and it is an old slide so it is way softer. So can u pls respond with some advice or a way that i could show u the vid.

OfficialJetze Gopro skating says:

Im new in snowboarding, but i went 2 times to a indoor snowworld where I tried te snowboard with you’re tips. It went really great. But shall I still take some lessons? Or can I learn snowboarding on my own with you’re video’s?

Isaac Kozycz says:

It was really icy the last time a went up, sprained both wrists and knocked myself out (I did have a helmet on) maybe wrist guards would be a good idea

Amber Mildenhall says:

YES! Of course get them, I wish I did and didn’t end up spraining my wrist as soon as I started

dudeinthesea says:

Having just switched from skiing to snowboarding last season, it’s a BIG yes for me. I cannot count how many times the wrist guard and knee pad saved my bones. Yes you should not get ahead of yourself, but trust me, when you’re at the beginner slope, the snows are harder when compared to the top area (More people etc) and you WILL fall and, some times, in the worst ways possible. It’s part of the beginner’s learning process. So do yourself a favor and get some nice pads. You won’t regret it.

marthaf says:

I’m still not sure my friend broke his wrist wearing them in the first week of purchasing them

GoPro Edit Room says:

“Third safety tip – don’t fall”…. love it 😉

Blake Gardner says:

I sprained my wrist yesterday doin a 30 foot jump because it start raining slowing me down and didn’t clear the jump and landed just short and ate it forwards. Learn from my mistake friends

Vodka Fish says:

I watched your gear video and it says you need a iron and a scraper is it worth brining to the mountain and when/how do I wax my bord ?

James Robinson says:

Just broke wrist. Ridiculously disruptive to my life. And ruined a good holiday. Took my wrist guards off for two hours.
Demon flex meter only option imo. Real protection.
I am intermediate and quite simply slipped on slushy day tumbled and pull hand back. Could happen to anyone. Know friends who boarding 20yrs never had a fall. Its a gamble we have to ask ourselves.

kurt simpson says:

If you want to learn the basic rail or box slides and what they are called, you can learn them on my channel

Aubrey Lake says:

It’s funny. When I started snowboarding I didn’t even wear a helmet, but the more I snowboard and get hurt the more protection I wear haha! Now i have all the protections.

Nick Kasten says:

How do o know how much speed I need on a large jump in a terrain park. The last time I did one I got a concussion from hitting the jump to big

Cole Parker says:

Yesterday I was doing black diamonds but I broke my wrist on a bunny slope.

Tommy Kohler says:

hey kevien when did you first start snowboarding and were

Sam Raymond says:

Anybody reading this and considering wrist guards do yourself a favour and get flex meter wrist guards. I broke my wrist a few years ago snowboarding then did the research and got these. They go a ways up your arm and are nice and flexible. I also like how they have a little bit of padding under the hand for added protection!

Josh Werblin says:

While falling made a conscious effort to not stick out my arm as to not break it. Kept it by my side and landed on my side on my upper arm. It broke…

Spence K says:

post another video ive been waiting for 4 days

Michael Corbett says:

wear them!! I broke my wrist last year because i didnt wear them!!!

Nick Kasten says:

Right now in Colorado there is no snow on the ground… Where is all of da snow??

Александр Цыбко says:

Hi Kevin. It’s Oakley googles? Flight deck right?

Joe DeFreitas says:

This video helped a lot thank you I broke my wrist snowboarding last weekend and now I will be buying some wrist guards!!

Nekdo Zakaj says:

Does anybody have an idea how could I fix a PVC tube into the ground on my backyard?

Luis Socorro says:

I fractured a rib for falling repeatedly with my hands in front so my elbow always hit the same point on my ribcage, all while learning, my wrists suffered too, so I did some research and found the appropriate wrist pads, rib protector and learned to fall differently while learning, after that I got the hell out of the green trails, too many slow flat areas with lots of people.

Gökhan Çeki says:

+SnowboardProCamp Is your jacket wed’ze? Also I am thinking of buying a board. I have good enough experience and would like to start doing tricks. Can you recommend a brand and model?
Thanks for the answer.

max s says:

hey snowboardprocamp when are you going to be up at whistler next? I would love to hit a run wit you.

cgcmedia says:

can you still use snow pants for snow boarding

atomic monkey says:

time to snowboard its snowing in Chicago for the first time this year yeees!!! finally

Ward Van Beneden says:

You can get them but if you think about it, when you wear them and you break something it will be your elbow. When you don’t wear them you are gonna break your hand. Your hand will heal faster than your elbow.

Timothy Koukarine says:

haha “try to avoid falling”… I learned to fall really well riding in the park so now I can fall safely and it’s kind of fun tumbling down the hill sometimes

Olli Heikkilä says:

i dont want to use my time learning the basic skills because i can only ride like 1 month in a year so i dont have the patience and i want to learn those cooler and funnier tricks.

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