Hestra Fält Guide Glove | Designed by Lars Fält

Best bushcraft winter glove ever? The Hestra Fält Guide Glove is reviewed in this video. With design by the famous survival expert Lars Fält – can this be nothing else but a winner? Grab a cup of coffee and check the video 🙂

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Thank you for the music Ben!

English: Hestra Falt Guide Glove


Pascal Elliz says:

Hi, would you recomment using the gloves without the liner? Because i would like to use them in warmer conditions too.

BelgianOutdoors says:

hey nice gloves you have there i think i had the same gloves a while back unfortunately i lost them. I love the Swedish woods haha this summer i went to sweden in the area of malmue (glaskogen) you should check it out 😉

thanks for sharing greets from belgium


Frederick Ernst says:

I recently purchased this glove and it does have a great feel to it. I was happy to find out my new Dachstein wool glove will fit inside also! Great glove system.

xExit98x says:

Hey! Can you make video review of your esee 4?

Turtle Bushcraft says:

very nice ax made short order of the fire wood. The removable liners are really nice could keep a second pair in the pack wile one pair is drying could swap in the dry ones very nice. Thanks for sharing atb John

Skinny Minny says:

Can you use these as ski gloves would you say? Nice video

Cassidy Flynn Farralone says:

I will never need these gloves here in Los Angeles but I enjoyed the review nonetheless! Keep at it, Joachim!

The dork in the woods says:

Världsklass på alla klipp!:D
Tack för videon om dina kokkärl!

Funderat på dessa handskar i flera år nu, är tanken att man ska använda liners tillsammans med handskarna? Eller blir det klumpigt då? Tänker storleksmässigt vid beställning.

Jeremy Jo says:

What is the name of that Fjällräven hoodie you have on?

Tom Eastwood says:

great video! can I ask, where these gloves are made?

andrew rushton says:

Hi what blanket are you using in the video please?

OutdoorsFoodie says:

Great video, the forest really comes to a true beauty when the snow comes. I got lucky and got some snow in Värmland during my holiday visit! 🙂 Gloves looks great, i’ll have to take a closer look at them. Btw, i would love some more info on the blanket you got with you.

Juan Antonio G. J. says:

Like always, a very interesting video.

Rover says:

After the recent very poor [wet] weather weve been having in the arctic the last few years, the hestra name has just become leather again. No name on them.

Love your smock by the way, is it a no8? whata re your trousers?

Adventureforlife says:

How much have your gloves stretched? I’ve tried a size 9 at a local store, and they were a little snug. They may be perfect if they stretch a bit. I haven’t had a chance to try on a size 10.

Zeth Linder says:

lydde ordern o pausa i början sprang o fixa kaffe 🙂 , dom där har vart på min önskelista i flera år…får nog köpa dom själv hahaha. god fortsättning mannen!

jonfun84 says:

Great vid thanks .. I am looking to buy these gloves for hiking and also maybe snowboarding.

Gia Schlossmühle says:

Hello Joachim ! Great video, great channel and great gloves ! Thumbs up and a sub ! Atb Martin from austria 🙂

Bushcraft Sweden says:

Best Bushcraft winter gloves to my opinion, perfect for winter camp and more.. Very nice video Joachim! these gloves I have with me every bushcraft tour I do in the winter for the last 5 years .. ATB, Mathieu

The Danish Bushcrafter says:

Any new videos soon?:-)

Outdoor Archives says:

Nice Gloves. They look well made and warm.

Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival says:

Hi Joachim, i see you have a little snow:-) finally it startet to rain here and the snow should come down to 1000 meter the next two days, cool Gloves!!! or better warm Golves:-) thanks for sharing and also only the best to you and yours!!! Taro

Henrique Merisalo says:

Great video! 
love these gloves! warm,comfy and looks great. I think they will last for a looong time:)

Anzabob says:

Are those warm enough for the coldest winter in sweden/finland…. like -20, -30 degress celsius? I’m in the army atm and i need a good glove :/ Been wondering it’s either these or Black Diamond Guide gloves

Mike Morton says:

Are you still liking these? I am thinking about getting a pair

Craig Twiner says:

Nice video,what superb gloves, proper craftmenship, and the scenery where you walk and set up for a brew is stunning, cheers craig

MrMother Sole says:

What fjallraven jacket and pants are you wearing in the video.Great videos by the way.

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