My 2017 Snowboard Gear List






In this video I go though all my snowboard gear from the last year. Looking through what snowboard gear I need to replace and what will last another season. The next couple weeks are a great time to pick up any new snowboard gear that your need! First up is my snowboard boots. The snowboard boots I ride are Thirty Two Lashed. The are a great boot for park riding because of the softer flex. I’ve also got two pair of snowboard socks to wear with my boots. Snowboard socks have great tech in them to be comfortable and keep your feet warm. Snowboard mittens and gloves are key for keeping your hands warm. I’ve had a pair of Howl mittens the last four season and have staying in great condition. Snowboard base layers are also key for staying warm on the mountain. I’m wearing Dakine base layer pants and long sleeve shirt. My snowboard pants are DC. I chose the buy DC because the pant were light, comfortable and a great fit. My snowboard jacket is also Dakine and it was also a comfortable jacket, with a style that I liked. I’ve got two pairs of snowboard goggles for the mountain. The Oakley Flight Decks for those cloudy days on the mountain and Spy goggle for those sunnier, blue bird days. For safety I’m wearing a Sandbox helmet. Sandbox is a great Whistler company, which make simple and safe helmets. Finally my snowboard and bindings are made by Burton. My bindings are Burton Cartels. Binding are very much about function and performance, so I chose a good all mountain binding. My snowboard is the Burton Process. The process is a regular camber snowboard, which is great for butters, ollies and carving. If you have any questions about snowboard gear this season please leave them in the comment section!



JoJ0z says:

cant wait for those really cold days

Tripp McDaniel says:

I wonder if he lives out on the west coast

MiHo TheGreat says:

I want that board.

Colll says:

Hey you said your jacket is good for another season or so, is that regularly how long you should keep your jacket? Since I already had mine for 2 seasons its looking great so should I change it?

Jean Vic Torio says:

did your sandbox helmet come with the goggle clip?

Shippox says:

Could you still get that snowboard? If u can, plz tell me were

Burris Esplen says:

can you tell us where you got all your stuff

Christopher Matthews says:

I would add knee pads to this gear list, especially for beginners. If you’ve ever caught an edge in icy conditions and landed smack down on your kneecaps, you’ll definitely wish you had them.

Albixe says:

Real cold days

Collin Dunman says:

a “cold day” where i live in the winter is 40 farenheight (SC)

Pim Villevoye says:

hey kevin,

wich snowboard bag do you have

Akai Panda says:

Lmao if im from Miami, what kinda jacket do I need?

R Lorenzo says:

if I want to wear a beanie under my helmet, do I need to go a size up on my helmet?

Bayne Carr says:

Where’s your favorite spot to ride?

oomerimunni says:

I ride with my sisters board, which she has had for about 15 years and that might be an understatement….

Philip Tabor says:

recently bought a 2015 Burton 157 clash wide is a great board works well when you are 6” and wear size 12 boots

Brianna Jones says:

Do you really need snowboard goggles

Alex Flam says:

anybody else live in seattle, and head up to Stevens or Snoqualmie pass

Mitchell Monteith says:

Where do you live man? It looks incredible.

Zack Cuthill says:

On those colder days. I use these ones on those colder days. This one for those colder days

Troy B says:

where is this??

Mannuel Furrer says:

how do you get this stuff

AnnaaDaniellee says:

real cold day

stefocdp says:

I like your videos a lot. You’re doing an awesome job.
It’s been a few months since you posted this video. Are you still riding the Thirty Two Lashed or are they too flexible after those few months? I’m thinking about buying these boots.

Timothy Trinh says:

Quick question, do you usually wash your snow clothes?, if yes how can you wash them?

Dugan Miller says:

hey can you do a video on how the color of snowboard lens are different and the advantage of each color? and i was wondering what googles i should get if I don’t want to spend more than 80 bucks on a pair.

semajgnik says:

Whats the “touch screen technology” ? Holes??

garrwils088 CLI says:

Snowbaordprocamp your my favourite YouTube it would make my day if you responded

Raven Josh says:

can i just use a BMX helmet as a snowboarding helmet ?

Jalen Johnson says:

were can i find a snowboard at

Jack and Hudson says:

Timberline is where I go most of the time

Charlie Reid says:

Timberline heck yea

Sid says:

Kevin you da man!

Ski&MTB says:

Do you live there?

Jay Nguyen says:

how do u compare the prizm lenses to the new electric ones ? i personally love my prizm lenses

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