My FAVORITE Winter Gloves: Ironclad Arctic Trigger Mitt – Seriously So Impressed

The Ironclad Trigger Mitts are amazing. I test a lot of gear but these are THE WARMEST winter gloves or mittens I have ever used. The video will speak for itself but if I had around $100 to spend on winter gloves I would purchase these hands down (see what I did there?). Check them out!

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jeremy woodward says:

I would put them in snow overnight and see what the temperature inside reads in the morning

Charles Larson says:

I admit that I felt a tad silly watching this video while sitting here in Tucson, in about 72-F!!!! Ha! But I’ve got friends in northern Arizona and they get darned cold and snowy up there, so I will recommend this to them….as those gloves sure look like they’re everything you say they are.

Sven3xs says:

Do they come in other colors, I hope..right now they look especially good for guiding airliners into position, or working for the highway, OK, lots of times. you don’t want to be seen.
Reviewing gloves idea; For me, riding my street bike in extreme cold, for very long periods of time, has always been the worst. Now I know you stuck your hand out the window, and also touched on lengthy videos, but that’s not “quite” the same. Very Long times in Extreme Cold, added by 90 MPH, did I say 90? yeah, I mean 70 MPH ;-)..has always been my test for great gloves.
Thanks for the video brother.


If I had a pair I would try them on my kayak. How well they grip the paddle, how hard would it be to keep my fingers in the gripped position and how warm and dry they kept my hands.

Tyler Yarnell says:

To review them, something I would do is to put them on and just stick your hand into the snow and leave it there for a while. That’s going to be very cold and moist. So if any moisture will get through it will be then and if you were to lose warmth I’ve found that’s when I lose the vast majority of warmth in my hands in gloves and mittens

Thaddeus Mikolajczyk says:

Good review sounds like those mittens are really warm, only down side is cost.

czredhead says:

Using the gloves while ice fishing. My hands are always cold and wet when ice fishing.

Isaiah Levinus says:

love ur vids!! keep up the great work!!1

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks ETV! If these are “work” gloves (as advertised) how about you swing an ax or something for a few minutes? Test the toughness by sliding down a rope?


If I had a pair I would try them on my kayak. How well they grip the paddle, how hard would it be to keep my fingers in the gripped position and how warm and dry they kept my hands.

John James says:

use a thermometer , external temp against internal temp while doing tasks the hand outside the car was brill idea

Kelly Burdette says:

you did not give a price 99 dollars on amizon

1Fluffy Mama says:

I would be interested in seeing how long gloves could be submerged in water before it soaked through. (Even if you just put a piece of cloth inside one and stuck it in a bowl of water) I always get my gloves wet and end up outside in the middle of winter with no gloves after 2 minutes!

Kevin Sluder says:

If they promote the product as being weather/water proof or resistant, get them wet and see how they do. that would be good to see. Sounds trivial but ease of getting on and off is always a factor for me.


Awesome content today my friend and great option for the cold. Thank you.

Steven Szabo says:

Have you tried shooting with them?

rob nunziata says:

no need for more showed them told about the performance just forgot about price

ZyPhReX says:

Haven’t had issues feinding larger gloves. The hard thing for me is finding smaller gloves. Still! Great set of gloves man. Great job.

ThtGuyWtThBeard says:

been looking to replace my older ruddy gloves I use for shoveling and hiking in the winter. Brutally cold winters here in NH as I’m sure you know from experience, these look great! thanks for the suggestion!

Cole3418 says:

My hands get the coldest after I arrive at camp. Use the gloves while setting up camp and cook a meal in the snow. I usually have to take my gloves off for most of this portion because I just don’t have enough dexterity with them on.

Reality Survival & Prepping says:

Ironclad makes great stuff!

Kelly Burdette says:

good review you did fine

Bradley Macaulay says:

what about going techy and having some sort of digital temperature readout of inside and outside while doing different activites in different temperature. Might show if your hands will be getting all hot n sweaty on a bit warmer day or maybe they will breath a bit. I’m sure there is a bunch of activities that people will list down here in the comments that can vary in activity level, dexterity required and wetness levels.

To bad they aren’t listed on Canadian Amazon, although, I don’t know if I would even want to see the price if they were listed. We do get the short end of the stick on pricing (not just exchange rate) and selection up here on Amazon Canada. For example, how about a two of Ironclad’s long sleeve high viz shirts with reflective strips for $232 bucks Canadian ($175 American Dollars)

Yeah…. I don’t get it either

Jeff Fuller says:

I would like to see how well the gloves work doing various tasks. I have never used a mitt type glove so I would be curious to see how they function

OregonGrown Adventures says:

Putting chains on a vehicle wearing the gloves. I may get them as a truck driver throwing chain in cold and wet is the worst. If my hands stayed warm and dry for a hour outside that would be great. Dexterity test would be great

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