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Thought it was about time I made another Snowboard Gear List video because of all the comments asking about the stuff I’m riding/riding with!

BOARD: Capita Supernova 153
STOMP PAD: Crab Grab Skate Rails
BINDINGS: Union Super Forces Gorilla Bindings
HELMET: Anon Helo 2.0
GOGGLES: Modest Eyes Team White, Dragon NFXs
NECK WARMER: Mons Royal Double Up Neck Warmer
GLOVES: Oyuki Kana Mitts, Flylow Oven Mitts
WRIST GUARDS: Dakine Wrist Guards
JACKETS: Dinosaurs Will Die Coach Jacket Navy, Tommy Hilfiger Yacht Jacket Red
PANTS: Adidas Major Stretchin It Pant
BOOTS: Vans Hi-Standards


Hope this helped ya out!
Anyway! after the Gear list we went into the city because I had a meeting with some dude about something super sick coming soon! 😉 Then went snowboarding at Labrador Mountain! really fun day! Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Make sure to hit that like button for ya boi and Subscribe cause I make these videos everyday! yeeewww! catch ya tomorrow!


OUTRO SONG: The Zilzies – Shell City

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Rowles Reels says:

I’m guessing there boots

Megan Schroeder says:

No not visions videos

Hunter. Irving says:

can i have your old hemet

DJANDO says:

This Summer are you doing to do wakeboard

Conner F says:

What size boot do you ride?

SideKick says:


Aaron Thomas says:

Regular Camber FTW!

Alex Ellery says:

question, do you wear thermals under boarding pants or just underwear?

Bryker Does vlogs says:

How is the camera above u

Gavin Freeman says:

job interview

Clement Gaillard says:

Take electric facemasks ! oakley sucks !!!!! Electric is The only savage brand now

Ruvei Tube says:


Ro-Jo Media says:

that 360 cam is awesome

That awkward moment when you can have a long ass name on YouTube says:

Bro it’s 2019 now, what do you have now boooiiii?

Cancer 420 says:

theres no waterproofing on those mittens, you have to manually apply the waterproofing stuff.

willy wilson says:

Why don’t you like the nfxs?

James Hewitt says:

stiff board… soft boots??? madlad

Lazerin_yt says:

Can anyone tell me what board to get, I am a beginner and want a board and bindings and everything for under 200 dollars

Zoran Peroski says:

V+1 on the modest…my IO googles died randomly and I grabbed a pair for $60 in Oz…2 years latter still going solid!

John newman says:

You can get the white teams anywhere in the us they sell them on there website as well.

Dustin Helin says:

DUDE buy SNOW SEAL to protect your Fly Lows!! I have a pair and they are the best and durable, if you seal them lol Just heat them up with blow dryer, boot dryer or even the oven on the lowest temp to open them pours rub about a quarter size of snow seal on them. i recommend putting both gloves on at the same time to rub it in.. most efficient

Ronica Morrison says:

Do a 2019

Bryson Kelsch says:

So the crab grab rails, they look dope, but do they work as well as stomp pads?

Rylee Maynard says:

9:24 is so trippy

Jotaro Kujo says:

Hey Dave, just dropping to say I absolutely love your channel, you’re very witty and genuine on camera and I love it. Greetings from Bulgaria and a fresh, inexperienced snowboarder! 🙂

Charles Frigon says:


mugenishii says:

Hey David love your videos let’s shred if you’re ever in Cali! Q: how tall are you/how much do you weigh?

Aaron Sharkey says:

How do you ride with a short sleeve shirt!!!!!!

SideKick says:


Shawn Isaac says:

The white teams are for the public, the black union team force are for them members only, witch a already have and they’re amazing

Arvid Gunnarsson says:

I love your vids man 🙂

Russel Gapasin says:

frosted flakes nigga damn!!

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