Super Warm and Inexpensive – Outdoor Research Military Gloves – Mutant Mitts – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Outdoor Research Military Gloves which are known as the Mutant Mitts! Very fitting name as you are about to see.

Military Quality
Super Warm

Link : Can be found on eBay and some military surplus sites. Not very hard to find but sizes will come and go. I didn’t see any smalls while getting ready for the review but they do pop up often

Sizes : Small through at least XXL

Weight : 11.7oz with liner – 7.9oz for the shell- 8.7oz with knit gloves

Price : Prices Range – $35 – $55

Used in the Navy and Marines

Features :

If you know about these mutant mitt gloves, you either have a pair already or you want to own a pair. These are the most superior military issue cold weather mutant mitt gloves that we’ve ever seen. Manufactured by Outdoor Research, a leader in the manufacturing of outdoor gear. The outer shell is made of 330 denier Cordura fabric which makes this glove tough and flexible. The outer shell features a rubber palm, and two Velcro cinch straps (one at the wrist and one at the forearm). The shell and liner are both contoured to the natural shape of a relaxed hand which makes a more comfortable fit. The removable mitten liners are made of Goretex™ which make these mutant mitts waterproof and breathable. Both mitten and liner have a three finger design, so you can use the pointer/trigger finger when needed or keep it with the rest of you fingers for added warmth. Regularly retails for over $150.00, so don’t miss this deal!

Mutant Mitts Details:

NSN: 8415-01-457-4781
Made in USA
Color: Black

The improved cold weather trigger finger mitten is light weight, reduced bulk, hydrophobic, quick drying, and designed with a trigger finger for weapon operation. The mitten is intended to be used in temperatures ranging from -25 to 10°F. The mitten is compatible with the snow camouflage mitten shells and improved glove insert, and replaces the trigger finger mitten shells and inserts.

The design of the mitten allows a left or right handed Marine to fire his personal or crew served weapon. Each mitten has an extended gauntlet to provide continuous protection to the wrist and lower forearm.

From what I understand, these have been discontinued.

+ AlpenGrip® palm provides excellent grip

+ 3-finger, trigger-finger design increases dexterity and warmth
+ Boxed construction and curved shape provide insulation and dexterity
+ Seam guard protects thumb seam
+ 1 in.-wide hook/loop Cinch-Straps with shear tabs at wrist and gauntlet
+ Extra long gauntlet for additional protection
+ Removable Idiot Cord attaches mitt to wrist

+ Moonlite Pile fleece with one layer on the palm and two over the back of the hand for compression-resistant warmth
+ Pull loop for easy on/off


Pros :

Very thick

Very warm – VERY WARM!

Excellent quality – Expedition Level

Excellent price

Removable liner which can be cleaned easily

You can use your own liner gloves; which I often do.

Breathable thanks to the Goretex

Excellent dexterity

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John Meyers says:

Another great review, Luke. Thanks for comparing the E-Bay prices with Amazon prices. I usually go to Amazon first, but no more when it comes to military surplus.

Joe Dunbar says:

Now that was funny,” this is what’s known as an idiot cord — perfect for skiers”.

Vancouver Island Bushcraft says:

Any idea what these are..pretty sure they are Canadian surplus gloves but other than that not sure  look at time stamp 2:06 they are very durable and comfortable gloves

Atta Boy says:

This would be a good comparison to the old camo gloves with the wool liner, same set up same style of surplus gloves the gloves I am referring to are $15…ish from retail surplus.

Up North Educational Bliss with Cheese says:

Luke Check out these – I think these are best gloves I’ve ever had and if you can use a Medium size they are an unbeatable deal on Amazon – You should review these Luke!! The ski industry guys swear by them.

Tim Kamholz says:

Thanks Luke just ordered a pair. -12 here in N. IL. Thanks again!

Edward Hertig says:

Got these just in time for our latest Arctic blast in NYC. My hands were sweating while shoveling snow. Awesome surplus buy and well made OR military glove system…definitely recommend them.
Luke, what brand of shirt with the “T” like symbol are
you wearing in your videos?

Steve McGuinness says:

I bought The North Face Montana Gore-Tex Mitt for Men on Black Friday and they are too warm for hikes in 10 degree weather with 10 mph wind. They are $60 but worth every cent.

Admiral Preparedness says:

I’ve got three pair that FAIL here right now!!! -4 F outside!! New Hampshire winters are Brutal!

ben terwellen says:

i just ordered those right before new years, dont have them yet…….hope they work out.

If it's not broken fix it says:

Looks like a good glove for shoveling snow. When its -degrees

cgriggsiv says:

Luke I know you showed this 14 hours ago and I’ve been trying to find them on eBay as you said but all I can find is just either the shell or just a small piece of the shells not both gloves at the same time

Mr. Tbag says:

It’s -15°F here right now, might need to look into these.

Erik Vels says:

Nice review!

tpalshadow says:

Anyone have a pair of Larges they are looking to sell? Went pheasant hunting the other day in -18 and it was chilly.

Paul George says:

Here in Cleveland right now its 5F. The gloves ive got are good till about 0 before they give out.

Ed Cook says:

Those remind me of the Shooters Gloves my Father has from his time in Alaska. His are white Canvas outers with Elk Skin Palms. Inside are Wool Felt Liners. (You also wear a pair of thin Finger Gloves inside them.)

His also have the long Sleeve Dummy Cords. (They run up the Coat Sleeve, across the Shoulders and then back down the other Sleeve.) That way you just can’t lose the Mittens.

He’s worn them down to -70°F around Nenana. Me personally I have worn them down to 10°F and they were more than warm enough.

Oh, a nice trick you can do when it does get cold. You can pull your Index or Trigger Finger out of it’s Sleeve and let it stay warm with the rest of your fingers in the Mitten until you need to do something.


TheOutdoorGearReview says:

The average temp in the USA is 11F (-11.6C) right now; is that cold enough for you?
– Luke

xLethalRaptoRx says:

I don’t think I’ve ever came across a outdoor research product I’ve disliked.

Tan N says:

Wonder if they would be good for snowboarding?

Michael Smith says:

great video don’t see that Amazon money coming in after this one LOL
you can see the burly quality in these that outweigh any lightweight worries if you need sturdy gear

The wilderness survivors says:

i have some german military gloves / mittens and they are awsome too. i paid like 15$ cad for them and i can wear them down to -30°C without moving ( too warm when hiking)

Codename Hannibal says:

Do you know when this OR brand become military issue gear?
I’ve seen them on eBay usually in coyote color for the USMC friggin marines gotta be different always…

Larry Kramer says:

“Idiot Cord” is meant for high altitude mountain climbing where losing gloves can mean big big trouble. (Losing often meaning sliding away and gone over a cliff) No, I am not a mountain climber except in my dreams.

Codename Hannibal says:

Has anyone heard of the intermediate cold flyers gloves?

Gary Backus says:

Hey there Luke, try shooting with Wide DR gamma profile on your new GX10 camera. The colors will look even more life-like and less over exposed highlights, less video-like. Give it a try and see if you like it!

Indy Outsider says:

Nice, thanks for the video.

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