Tips for Buying Snowboard Gloves & Mittens






In this video I’ve got some tips for buying snowboard gloves and mittens. This is a very important purchase because one of the biggest complaints by snowboarders is that their hands are either too cold, or too wet and they want to call it a day. So If you can get a solid pair of gloves or mittens right from the start it can keep you out riding a lot longer and if it’s your first day learning you’re going to enjoy snowboarding a lot more!


Nima Sa says:

You should check YES greats .

Ricoman611 says:

DOA or TRS guys?

Dave Brown says:

Murcurey vs TRS, what do you think?

Brett Delmundo says:

Hey Kevin and TJ! I have a size 11 (US) boot and I am looking to get a new board that I can lay out carves in and getting somewhat flat without booting out. Are there boards you recommend I look at that would be wide enough? Thanks!

monsterenergy927 says:

I’m trying to decide between arbor coda, arbor westmark, or Burton custom (all camber). I rarely ride powder because of where I live, so it’s mostly groomers and ice. I also hit the park a decent amount. Any advice?

Mitchell Jarvis says:

Hey TJ! I’m soo interested in the arbor westmark camber. The idea of a full camber, and a 3D shaped nose/tail just sounds amazing. But would this snowboard still be a good pick for a novice park rider and advanced all Mtn rider who is trying to progress in the park and in freestyle? Would you recommend going a bataleon board or gnu headspace instead? Thanks!!!

Paul Robinson says:

Hey TJ. Out of the 2 which one is better outside the park, DOA or Westmark? Thanks! 🙂

Gabriel Ortiz says:

Rome blacjack

Carlos Alberto Barrera Diaz says:

Hi, I want to get the new warpig but Iam really confused with the size. I am 175 cm 70 kg I mainly carve ongroomers and make some kumps out of slopes. I need advice which size will fit me better 148 or 151?
Thanks in advance

Matias Hansen says:

The ARBOR WESTMARK CAMBER in the video looks alot like a ARBOR CODA CAMBER o.O?

T K says:

Hey man how important would u say rider weight recomendations are. I order the war pig in medium but they ran out and the small is availible. Im 5.5 185 lbs no gear and the say the small is good up to 175 lbs. I seen other reviews with big guys ridi g the sml and liking it

Ben Hale says:

are all of these boards comparable in weight? which is the lightest?

skaarface96 says:

Is the Capita DOA and Burton cartel a good combo?

kuro says:

I got myself the capita birds of a feather (paired with union bindings) I hope it will be good! Does anyone have experience with it?

Board Archive says:

Check out the women’s specific options in the description!

Henry Chadwick says:

What about the YES Greats Uninc??

dork -in says:

Thanks, didn’t know mits would work 🙂 I’m so pumped for this season!!! Can’t wait for some thick Canadian snow xD!

Delfin says:

All my mittens always have the index finger free, if that makes sense.

Basti Globbo says:

What’s the song in the outro?

Wong Terence Tsz Tai says:

I have ridden my Horrorscope for 2 seasons now. Would like to upgrade to an intermediate camber-ish all-mountain board but still able to do some tree runs in Japan.
Any board you would suggest? Thank you very much for the great videos.

Shred Sharks says:

I’ve been wanting to learn how to do corked spins on a snowboard. I can’t find many good tutorials on how to do them. Could you make one

Wyatt Shepard says:

I’m Burton Bum I only like burton stuff lol hopefully this changes my mind xd

autoassign says:

A video on bindings would be amazing or boots

kicktaekwondo says:

these tips for buying gear is really helpful. i like it

Mart nonex says:

i cannot decide between this board or the capita DOA, im looking for a 159W, can somebody tell me what the biggest diffrences are between these two boards?

Bernhard Bernhard says:

im riding a burton custom atm, but i was thinking of buying the Nitro Suprateam, what do you think??

Adam Meadows says:

Thanks I’m just a beginner so this helped me a lot

N Q says:

Hey TJ? How does the Arbor handle deeper powder?

Mike Habgood says:

Hi TJ,
Love the videos I’m really torn between the neversummer prototype 2 and capita DOA at the moment. I don’t ride park at the moment but it’s something I would like to get into more, which would you say is the better all rounder?
Thanks Mike

Garthgoyle says:

I had gloves with velcro last year but when the velcro gets full of snow, it’s done. It won’t work much anymore. For this year I got a pair of Celtek Trippin Pro from last season at a discount price. They are three fingers mittens with zipper at the end. Hopefully they’ll keep me dry and warmer than regular gloves. 

jimmypro77 says:

Thank you very much, I always decide on what to buy and now I know. Also could you make a video on jackets please:)

James3160 says:

Do a vid on goggles and what types of goggles there are

bailsterbailer says:

i choose gloves cus i feel all tactical like and shit

Adi Lincoln says:

Agree with almost every choice though i do think the Jones Explorer can replace 1 or 2 boards on this list

Austin Turner says:

What make is your jacket? Mine can barely be pulled around my mittens

Meg Hotchkiss says:

I’m going into my second season, I live in Michigan and we are expecting a heavy winter. I go to bittersweet through ski and snowboard club with my school.

yang yan says:

could you gives us advice on manufacturing the ski gloves,maybe we need it

c K says:

Why don’t you ever mention Rome boards?

tickets4war says:

nice !

fuzzorino says:

Synthetics are the best! And no cows are killed int the process!

cesar hincapie says:

Question for those that ride the capital DOA… Does the board catch edges easily or is it decent…I’ve been riding for 4 season on demos (camber and Rockers). I know I like the powerful feel of the camber but also want some forgiveness as I learn some tricks… I was looking at the arbor formula camber but is sold out… Now looking at the DOA. Any tips ?

Clara González Díaz says:

Doa is got to do it all? Or is a park table? I want 1 table to do it all and i have dudes… I want pownd, jumps, carve…. Park…

Jack Yarbrough says:

Can you do a seres on intermediate tricks I, doing medium jumps and fun boxes but I still am not spinning yet

nathan hill says:

Really thinking the DOA is the next board I will purchase considering I have been riding my Palmer Classic for years now. I love my Palmer, it is just time to retire it.

Aamir Jawaid says:

i think drawstrings are an important feature for gloves to have, in case you need to take em off on the lift or something to use your phone

Jack Cen says:

How much is the mittens u show in the video? thx

battlethebollocks Rodgers says:

Hey I’m a new snowboard company,. It’s called ostomy snowboard s,. So you can poo in a bag while you ride, and then the poo line / ostomy bag has lines that go to the rails, so you leave brown streaks down the Mt. So you can see yr lines, how cool is that!!!

Johnny Snipes says:

Do a review on the 2019 national from Rome!!!

Nick Foxer says:

“0 – (-10) or 32 – 50 F” is either super confusing or incorrect…. or both.

Andrey Khusainov says:

Good tips.

Josh Gowers says:

I got the westmark rocker for last year’s season and I’m thinking I should have got the camber. maybe this year I might check it out and sell the loser

superdupermax says:

Something else to look into: Wet/Cold weather motorcycle gloves. Have a pair of Joe Rockets I got back in 2010 or 2011. Got some padding in them, fairly strong to provide protection against sliding on the road, well insulated, and water proof. Only time those werent warm enough was in -30 and below Alberta winter waiting for a bus.

Kanał Zamknięty says:

What marks you prefer

Al Shone says:

Can it be hard to press GoPro buttons with mittens on?

never beenchedda says:

My only gripe with Burton is the channel. It’s cool and works but really limits you to Burton bindings if you actually want to adjust stuff. My 18 free thinker would be choice if it had regular 2×4 on it

Hallz3232 says:

What kind of mittens do you have because I’m trying to buy some?

Steve Anderson says:

How’s the doa in light pow and glides? Have the Ultra fear as my park board and love. I’m super interested in getting this as my all Mountain board. I currently ride trs for all mountain

Toxic Scooters says:

Where did u buy the howl Jed mitt from?

WolfieGamerHD Hd says:

i have these Swix gloves where there like a cross between gloves and mittens

Adam says:

Just Buy hestra

Paul Robinson says:

Love you reviews been watching since the tail end of the 2017 seasons and it’s finally time to get a new board. I’m kinda stuck between the DOA and Westmark. I’m wondering which one you would recommend if your just starting to get into park but want to still have all mountain versatility

lmcombes says:

Ive been riding for about four years now on the same board… the Burton juice wagon (2015 150cm). Im finally attempting to branch out and get a new board, definitely something lighter, flexier, and bigger. I am 145ish lbs, 5′ 7.5. Im looking for something that I can use all mountain and learn tricks on. I was looking around and the capita line up really caught my eye. Do you have any experience with the new 2019 capita indoor survival? I love its graphic, its supposed to be pretty light and good for just about anything. sadly I can’t find many in depth reviews on it. I also really need help figuring out what size snowboard I need, Im convinced if I went capita die go for a 154 but I really have no clue what im doing when it comes to shopping new gear since I’ve been shredding the same equipment for four years. Sorry for the long questions, any advice helps!

Valentin G. says:

Hey Kevin,
Nice vids!
If you prefer mitts let me know what you think of these guys:
I can also send you a pair to test and review.

deepsudeep says:

do you have recommendations for gloves/mittens with wrist protection?

Dominick says:

@snowboardprocamp can you recommend some good brands for gloves and mittens? I got some nike gloves and they ripped on the first day.

Brendan Vaughn says:

I am Wide Boardrider and the Arbor sounds awesome so anybody has any suggestions for a wide rider?

Renato Hernandez says:

Hey Kevin!! how are you? i hope very good 
I meet you long time ago when i was student here in vancouver 2011 or 2012 no sure. 
But anyway I am in Vancouver again and winter is right here!! i can feel it 
And i will like to take some classes i hope we can talk about it.

shazwan shahmi says:

Hey guys can you explain the burton custom more specific. Is it custom flying V or what? Camber? Need to buy snowboard and don’t want to misbuy them. Need help

BSMotoVlogs says:


Dearon Tufankjian says:

You should do this every year

landen engles17 says:

What are the best gloves that hold up best on a tow rope

Sayaka Miki says:

I recently got a K2 Fuse snowboard for Christmas. My only concern with it is after I was done on the hill and got home I realized the underside of it (Where the design is) was whited mostly in the heel area, it wasn’t snow or anything, it looked like it “Stressed” there the most, was I steering wrong on it?

Gem VI says:

My hands always get so cold and wet! Its the worst! It really does ruin your day 🙁 
Thanks for the tips tho, I love your videos! Also just a quick question have you ever been to Mount Tremblant? I am going there after Christmas and I wanted to know if the terrain park and the overall mountain was good. 

joe3stix says:

DOA vs Head Space??

Rik says:

I just bought a pair of HOWL Jed’s based on your videos… they should give you some sponsorship for the epic advertising!!

5167Sniper says:

what jacket is that?

danfusavig says:

I bought my warpig 154 today !!

Jørgen Ekre says:

i love you gays <3

Sandra Andrea says:

Thank you, your video helped me very much!

Macarite says:

Hi, just about to start snowboarding, got my first lesson next weekend and I’m going to Switzerland at Christmas. I was wondering what would be a good/cheap pair of gloves/mits to buy if I’m only going to be snowboarding a few times a year. Thanks!

Arron Vuong says:

Doa vs westmark camber whats the main difference?

Eric Steins says:

just use surf gloves ^^

BLACKSUN Lori says:

Hello! What kind of gloves are those, which brand? (Black/ white, leather)
Thank you!

smithjj789 says:

Should point out that the DOA also has lifted contact points similar to the Arbor fenders!

Matt Williams says:

I bought a West mark camber last season based off the research I did on what works for my style and experience level as well as the wood design on the board. Happy to see a more experienced rider choosing the same board, gives me confidence in the fact that it’s a board I can continue to ride without seeming like I’ve outgrown it. I’ve only ever had trouble with powder runs, and I’m sure it’s more an experience problem than set up but I would love to hear your take on that.

Evan Mertz says:

Actually the reason for the synthetic rubber on the palm of your gloves is because that is a Midwest company and meant for your gloves not to rip on a tow rope

Kennet Haakonsen says:

Greetings from Norway!

I’m 5’9, 210lb, size 11. I mostly jib, and ride park(max 30 feet kickers) I currently ride a 10 year old Forum Lander 151(flex 7). I want to get something shorter, wider, and a little bit softer, for easier presses.

Thinking about the bottle rocket 148, or warpig148, what would you recommend?

Love the videos, keep it up!

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