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In this video I run you through all of my 2017/2018 snowboard gear from baselayers and facemasks, to outerwear, snowboards and bindings. This is a lot of gear to talk about in one video, but I tried to condense it as much as possible. I highly recommend checking out the airblaster ninja suit as a baselayer as well as arcade belts. These are both little things that can be overlooked but have a significant impact on your overall experience. If you guys have any additional questions about the gear I didn’t touch on please leave it in the comments below, and keep your eyes peeled for comprehensive videos coming out on the TM3 and Union Expedition. Thanks for Watching!


Collin Scott says:

Can I have a free board

kicktaekwondo says:

Hey Tj what are your final thoughts on the gnu headspace you rode last season? i just got the same board and plan on pairing it with union contacts.

Matt McCarty says:

I was wondering what size boots you wear and what size your boards are? Thanks!

Jesse Klueckmann says:

hi what is your height and weight considering your on a 154 this will help me with my board selection thanks

John newman says:

WTH is a split board

Rob Rodgers says:

Hey TJ, I’m gonna be getting the 154 Warpig soon and I’m looking to pair it with some Contact Pros. Any thoughts on those with this board? I’m gonna be doing a little of everything. Always looking for side hits and tree runs.

Nathan Albritton says:

Love Arcade belts!

DJ Ecchi says:

What highback angle did you set for your bindings?

Its Kyushka says:

How tall are you

Joseph Myers says:

Audio seems low, mic problem? But as always great video and thanks for doing what you do.

Zachary Clarke says:

Tomorrow I get to go snowboarding for the first time

Chris Henrich says:

I don’t know what it is, but everytime I see the Warpig board I just think “Damn, that looks fun”

Schmuschu God says:

Bro where can i buy your hoody fking love it so simple but so cool

Philip van As says:

TJ & Kevin really enjoying the channel as a novice to snowboarding. all the tips are extremely helpful, but would be great to get some insight on what you guys do with your gear after a day of riding? Some tips on cleaning or storing your gear (short term), or just general good advice. thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

kidcret1 says:

Tj whats ur stance? width n angles

Board Archive says:

I know you guys are going to ask about the hoodie I was wearing, here is the link!

ItsYuuuge says:

Sad you guys call yourselves pros… I know this is a dick thing to say but cmon… you guys do the most basic shit ever never seen you guys do a flip or anything semi difficult

Bennet brauer Reporting from a van by the river says:

Try wearing your belt backwards so you don’t have that metal hit you there

Artem Kushniruk says:

What is you width lags 22?

Carreidas says:

Probably the only gear recital from camp snowboarders I care enough to watch.

John Schern says:

Anyone else just staring at the downhill bike he had in the back?

John Rhee says:

Man, I absolutely adore Gear List videos – thank you!

mougabo says:

TJ , is it possible for you to tour on your splitboard and review the union expeditions?? im really thinking about getting them but im afraid as union is completely new in the game and the seem fairly simple although that is exactly why i seem to like them over other companies that i have tried and even when they are amazing, maybe i want something like the expeditions

Emilian Popov says:

Just awesome!

Zach burnham says:

do you ride a wide park board or a regular size? should i be okay getting a regular size board with size 11 boots?

Rob Gams says:

Love the videos TJ, your style is easy going and informative also.  I noticed you didn’t mention a riding pack, just curious, do you recommend packs for beginners or is it really just preference?  I lean towards the Dakine ones…

1994 boarder says:

U SPONSORED by union?

Brandon Spencer says:

One more question about the volcom articulated pants. What year are they?

Jean-Baptiste Marzolf says:

Hey thx for all your videos! Any chance to get more around splitboarding? Going for my first time soon, happy to see some educational ones! Don’t find much on YT. Cheers

trabant66666 says:

The belt in the link isn’t the same you have in the video TJ

Germaux NCIv says:

I only care about that sick hoodie

Julia Joy says:

Can you provide a link for that flannel that you ride on nicer days? I couldn’t find it in your gear links in the description.

Brenden Ingling says:

I can’t board my boots we’re stolen ughhhh

Bad_Riders says:

I still want a warpig!!!

Mateusz Soliński says:

Link for belt doesnt work.

Daniel Pham says:

Can I cop that 2017 headspace from you from last season

Bennet brauer Reporting from a van by the river says:

5-10 inches are possible Friday !!!!!

Mitchell Jarvis says:

Super sick man!!! Just curious on why you choose to use the forces on the evil twin instead of the contact pros. Would the atlas be a decent combo with the evil twin too?

Gabe Sinor says:

Where did u get the black jacket ur wearing, sorry Im new so idk if it’s merch

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