What wrist guard options are there for snowboarding ?

A short of review and comparison of the 3 main types of wrist guards available for snowboarding.

Since i did this video the Flex Meter guards are now branded by Demon, there are also a glove with integrated wrist protection by Level who call the system Biomex. I have yet to try these and when i do i will post a review.

Sorry about all the Errr’s and ums!


SnowboardSecretsTV says:

Flexmeter Wrist Guards are available in the US and worldwide through Flexmeters. com.

sean McGill says:

Single sided or double sided?

Robert Ostman says:

is there a option for motorcycle drivers?

Ben Polson says:

Same here, sucks

Harri20000 says:

Please note that since I posted this video I believe Demon now own the Flex meter brand.

VAPE GOD4200 says:

Good review but you say um alot

Paul Tracey says:

Nice review. I would rather have a few “erms” in an informative review than a broken wrist. Have you any updates on the durability?

Daniel White says:

Are wrist guards needed if you fall properly on your forearms instead of the hands?

MrMacGiant says:

U also got them combined like:
Demon Flexmeter Double-Sided Wrist Guard Gloves
Search google and u found enough of them…

Master Sear says:

can you put the flexmeter link to buy it?

Bobik1998 says:

Much appreciated pal, nice vid

Bio Skull says:

Stop saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shibuiul Chidoria says:

nice review, but aaaaa-aaaaaa so, aaa –aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaa

Marco Casadio says:

do you prefer dainese or flexmeter + gloves?

Marina Woodson says:

I wish I would have known about that before I broke my wrist…. Thanks for the video, I will get some of these

MrDC514 says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but aaaaaaaaaa and aaaaaaaaa of ya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa and dont forget AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

CyclingStevey says:

Really helpful vid, thanks. Please edit out “erms” next time 🙂

Ch3Weh says:

Awesome vid. Thanks mate.

collin coyne says:

thx for the help. fractured my wrist a couple days ago. now im looking into these haha

ShoeHarry says:

Good vid, very informative, but try and reduce the amount of “Errr” and “Errrrm” in the next ones ya make. heheh

Harri20000 says:

Thanks for the comments agree about the errs!

Harri20000 says:

Sorry about the er erms!

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