I get a lot of questions wondering about my Snowboard gear so decided to make this video so show ya!


BOARD: Sims Blade 155
STOMP PAD: Crab Grab Skate Rails
BINDINGS: Union Super Forces Gorilla Bindings
HELMET: Anon Helo 2.0
NECK WARMER: Mons Royal Double Up Neck Warmer
GLOVES: Neff Work Mitts
WRIST GUARDS: Dakine Wrist Guards
JACKETS: Spitfire Coach Jacker Red, Drink Water Coach Jacket White, Tommy Hilfiger Yacht Jacket Red
PANTS: 686 Smarty Cargo Pants, Kr3w Overalls
BOOTS: Vans Hi-Standards

I understand these videos can get a bit boring so hopefully I make it somewhat entertaining hahahah I tried XD If you guys have any other questions you want me to answer with a video leave it in the comments and Ill see what I can do! 🙂
Anyway, I went up Cardrona today cause I have a little Job filming some dudes then had to quickly boost back to Wanaka to hang with Markus cause he is flying to Japan today for some dry slope jump training! Sucks to see him go but hopefully see him soon! 🙂
Hope you guys enjoyed the video!! If ya did make sure to SMASH the heck outta that Subscribe button yo!!! and like the video cause it helps ya boi a lot 🙂 Catch ya tomorrow with another bagger!!! chur 😀

Instagram: @dayvidjones


Matthew Miller says:

I swear by 686 pants! Mine are like the pair you held up. Zip in sweatpants liner that’s super warm and you can take the lining out and just wear them around

Theron Mckinney says:

how long have you been boarding??

JustJuice says:

When you coming back up to AKL?

Captain Jack Sparrow says:

I’ve got the same 686 pants they r so warm n dope love the fit on them

Nick Manolov says:

I cri evertyme

Amine Amine says:

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Lmao
Nice gear btw

KoreDragon says:

Marcus will find the green tea kitkat in japan

Александр Абрам says:

thank you

aron jokay says:

u should go to japan too

Joshua D'Ath SBC says:

dude that was sick. Hope to see Markus in so future videos

Ben Worman says:

Yay 4k

Lewis Gardner says:

Burton not button

Regal Coughlan says:

Been up for 9 hours and already has 90 likes

Sam Bjorni says:

You’re gonna get big bro

Kat says:

Look at dis fancy kid in a Hilfiger jacket xd

kelly Chapman says:

Do more off these


Top 10 anime departures :'(

Rafael Toledo says:

So….I guess you’re coming out of the closet

Bogdan Maslovskiy says:

Hey I can’t figure out are u English or American or something?

Johannes Lolk says:

Nooo!! Marco !! 🙁

Caleb McEwan says:

Question, how long have you been snowboarding and what advice would you give to people just starting?!

刹零 SetuZeRo_ says:

GREEN Kitkats are Macha Kitkat it’s green tea kitkats. They sell them on Japan so he can check them out at Japan

The Dinesen Bros says:

You need more subs
U deserve more

Aitzol Gartzia G. says:

What’s your lifestyle? I mean do you survive only snowboarding?

Levi Bonnell says:

Three people didnt want to see marco go

Elijah Akaka says:

Chee hoo

Jerowan Cyran says:

Dude I play that song on piano (the sad one) ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Ps Japan is totally worth it, you should go!

Lunk Boi says:

where do you live that you can snowboard in September?

Bird Man says:

markbro or darkbro?

logan norton says:

you need to get into the Beach Boys….fuck the beatles

Lil Giddza says:

I was 60th, your welcome

Lewis Gardner says:

I’m going to the button stash too I’ll say hi

The Dinesen Bros says:

These videos r awesome

Liv Redman says:



Dude you’ve really shocked me on how fast you’ve grown in the past 2 weeks congrats man, when I get back imma jump on mah grind boii

Liv Redman says:


HopingEagle8244 says:

0:52 bruh that aint wat…

Matthew Tavio says:

Your goggle tan game strong

hales the third says:

im lovin the naruto music

Pixelcup says:

Can you please say that Superweasels are the best in your next video lol

Johannes Lolk says:

Typical park rat, doesn’t have a snowboard jacket haha.

trabant66666 says:

buddy what size do you wear?

Benito Nichols says:

0:53 don’t act like we can’t see the “wank” too 😉

s3raxCA says:

8:00 I laughed WAY too hard hahahahaha omg 😀

TitusHaggard says:

Do you like snowboarding apple covered turtles that eat Carmel ?

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