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This was one of the most memorable days I have had on a snowboard in quite a while, and I was lucky enough to try out the 2018 Jones Mind Expander snowboard to provide you guys with a quality review (Shout out to Evolution Whistler for the demo). I would classify the Mind Expander as a powder specific snowboard and we had the perfect conditions to test its performance in the deep stuff. The biggest highlights for me on this board is how well it is able to float, I was attacking the powder terrain as if it was a groomer. Often I was even able to lean forward over the nose and charge through the powder. I also found this board to have a directional flex and still be fun for carving groomers, although it did feel a little loose on hard pack due to the overall rockered shape. At the end of the day you are not going to be disappointed with the Mind Expander if you are looking for a new powder snowboard. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Sergey Stankevich says:

Plz review Jones Explorer

Tuxman25 says:

This board may very well be my first powder snowboard.

Tj Carr says:

I like that board. Would that be a good pick as a pow stick that you can ride every day, barring jib sessions..? Sick follow cam at 3:00. Is that just from a GoPro helmet mount?

AcydDrop says:

Love this board, it’s great (amazing) way (WAY) off piste, take it in the deep pow and ride it like your possessed because it’s amazing. I have the women’s version (146) and for the girls that like to go back country or go play in the snow like all the boys do, this is a great board.

mougabo says:

TJ jow did the Mind Expander behaved on groomers?

Metal Fruttolo says:

How do you feel about the width of this board? Does your foot “drag” much into the snow or is it wide enough for it not to stick out of the edges? I have a Drake Battle and it’s awesome but I feel it’s too narrow, 255waist…also I’d like to try something a bit shorter but without giving up the effortless floating the Battle has. Would you recommend the Mind Expander over the Storm Chaser? It’d be my pow day only board with just that bit of groomers carving between pow stashes. Thanks!

GurnakeDaSnakeMon says:

Excellent camera work gentleman.

Camel says:

Does anyone have any recommendations for an all mountain snowboard (up $250) thanks

John Schern says:

That karma grip takes really good action shots

jgunshon says:

loving the channel at the moment kevin, really putting that quality out there ! happy shredding

Dan Hollingsworth says:

How was it on hardpack?

Trey Woodring says:

Those goggles are perfect mirrors

DnBQemist says:

3:31 is that an extension stick combined with the Gimbal? Guess it would explain the footage towering over TJ…although he is a little guy lol

Rafael Rozalski says:

How come you didn’t take this to Japan?

Matthew S says:

Can you do a Jones Explorer review next please

ThibaultDH says:

Hey Guys, I’m wondering, how is it on groomers? Cause let’s face it, we aren’t always lucky enough to find that deep endless powder run 😉

123 456 says:

Happy New Year

Annalena Heuten says:

Sick bro

Eli Mirkin says:

Damn what a great shot at 1:40

Bryant R. says:

Can anybody tell me what size board I should get if I’m 5’11” 180 pounds? I rode a 152 my first time and it wasn’t to bad but I friend said it might have been to small for me?

Cicry says:

Does both Kevin and Tj both live in Canada? I thought Tj lived in Colorado

Dan says:

Do u use any saftery equipment on the Backcountry in case of avalanches. Also how do u know where to go on the other side of the mountain to get home.

Connor says:

Awesome video! Can you do a review on the Burton Skeleton Key? Thanks.

Alex Dyal says:

TJ with the savage spray to someone’s face at 3:00

willmoua1 says:

Best board reviews on the web.
Filming Actually riding the deck….Why can’t all these other dummies understand this?
Good job snowboard pro camp

Eric Krings says:

Great vid TJ! You should review the K2 Cool Bean, looks like another sweet powder board!

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