Mind Expander vs. Hovercraft | Find Your Perfect Snowboard Ep. 7 | Jeremy Jones

Jones Snowboards’ founder Jeremy Jones helps you find your perfect snowboard in a new multi-part video series that explains how key components of a board’s design and size affect board performance. In episode seven Jeremy explains the performance differences between the new Mind Expander and the Hovercraft, two models that look alike but are designed to ride very different.


Philippe Vezina says:

Snowstorm yesterday and I got the time of my life on the Mind Expander 2018…..it floats like if u were in fluffy marshmallow!!!! Halfway thru the day….there were moguls everywhere and omg…..this is a beast….quick turns and total control on that uneven terrain!!! Pure JOY!!! Thanks!!!! I

Nat Green says:

I’ve ridden my GFs Hovercraft at Baker and really loved it. The Mind Expander sounds like a ton of fun for in the trees. Need to have both!

rancidhotmail says:

But how does the hovercraft compare to the flagship?

David Vigneux says:

Dammit! Now I need both!!!

PowWolf Rider says:

Love my 2012 Hovercraft, but there are no center lines on the board to set the bindings. I think I got it by now, but what’s the base position?

Dan S says:

Just picked up a Mind Expander and rode fresh @ Alpine meadows. The board was absolutely unreal, just super fun and monsterous in the pow.

Burbon211 says:

I’ve got the mind expander 158, im happy with it. Its not the fastest deck but its very friendly to beginners, playful but you can count on that when it needs to turn hard and fast. Absolutely amazing in pow. In a dense woods sometime i wish that nose would be shorter, and i have to initiate turns a little earlier to get between trees. At some crazy speed on groomers the nose start shacking but thats not bothering at all. Overall its a great board, enjoying my riding with it. in my opinion you guys should definetly try one. Thank you Jeremy and Chris! p.s. sorry for my english :Р

teleroi says:

Must be something in the Tahoe water. I know Tom taught physics and Erik speaks 5 languages, but you have a certain je ne sais quoi. You’re articulate and have soul. I love watching you cause you surf goofy, like my guru Gerry. Personally, I ride a 183 Voile’ split for the last 20 years. But I tele also. My dream is a split that I can tele with the same boots. AK, UT, CHAM, WHATEVER. Ride on brother!

mougabo says:

When he says “hope to see you out there” I wonder if I would shit my pants in the middle of the mountain if I see him far from a resort freeriding ….. I hope I can still ride even with some load of crap inside my snowboard pants

Craig Gomberg says:

Ahhhh – Heading to the Tetons next week with my brand new unused Hovercraft SUPER STOKED and hoping to keep up with my hi-speed friends

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