New Jones Splitboard Setup for Japan

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Jones Solution Splitboard:
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Volcom Jacket:
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Blackstrap Facemask:
Dakine Backpack:
GoPro 7 Black:

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In this video I head into Comor Sports in the Whistler village to pick up a new splitboard setup for the Japan trip. Andreas is helping my setup my new Jones Solution splitboard.


Robin Thunholm says:

Hello, I started riding last year and now I want to buy my first snowboard. I’m 189cm tall and weigh 108kg. I found a snowboard for a good price, a 156 wide, will this board be to small for me? Thank you!

jaka berdajs says:

You know what, this is the first time im actually jelaouse…

daveus111 says:

Taking a brandnew Splitboard to Japan and having never using it before in a foreing country and terrrain is no good idea. You should have prepared this and tried this out before. Things can break, you get stuck. Take spare parts and tools with you the least.

Chelsee Brewster says:

It would be awesome to hear some content about how you guys deal with avalanche safety and the gear you use!

Michael Roberts says:

Are you guys getting all geared up to hike Mt Yotei?

Dmario Henderson says:

That split board is sick!!

MrSpreadem says:

Wait a second you wear boots between 8-10.5 and your over 6’3? That’s weird

Pau y Kasia says:

¿Going to Japan and not a fish splitboard?

Dan says:

Enjoy the driest and deepest snow on earth and the amazing Island of Hokkaido!!!

Steve Zimmerman says:

Sweet setup Kevin. Hope you enjoy the JAPOW!

Mees Laninga says:


Buys a whole setup worth 1500 bucks

boostenmkiv says:

Airhole masks are GREAT!

Surfsy says:

Looking forward to seeing some split board hiking, would be cool if you could get an app that shows yor hike route

Bolsjewieken 46 says:

Hey Kevin, i was thinking of buying my own snowboard but im not an expert, What would you recommend? I would like it press nicely but not to bendable

Jack Monegato says:

Man that jones solution is even more gorgeous than the mountain twin or the women’s boards from jones

Eduard Ilas says:

it’s kinda confiusing watching david jons’s video before yours, one moment you are in japan and the next one back at whistler XD nice vid tho 😉

Jack Monegato says:

Thanks kevis 🙂 A video like this on splitboards is what i was looking for.
@4:42 -> “Attacchi”. Italian dude there?

The Lemon Square says:

lemme just get a quick 2k dollars

MrSpreadem says:

Dude your going to kill yourself trying to skin backcountry for the first time. It’s so tough and nothing like snowboarding at all.

Konrad Jurgiewicz says:

Damn, this guy loves his job and he seems like he’s living the dream.

Justin Bordwell says:

Interested in if the airhole works

Nick Pistolakis says:

You guys should do more podcasts with Andreas

Rider Kelton says:

ANDREAS IS TO SNOWBOARDING WHAT YODA IS TO THE FORCE!!!! Total Legend, follow him you must!!

Brian Antnssn says:

Make sure you have your avvy cilinders correctly stored with proper documentation, or you will get boned by airport security.

ShakeNBakeBaby says:

Oh man, dropping 2k on gear haha is this #sponsored? lol

bertman4 says:

What kind of Burton travel bag is that? It’s not on your list above. Thanks, and have fun in Hokkaido!

inMotionSLB says:

there is so much i dont know, so much to learn!! cant wait to see more of this board

jonah marmorstein says:

What is the skin for

Ctihodny Obcan says:

what are those bindings?

narutoblader2 says:

I feel like andres is the type of guy that smokes a huge joint before work

MeqaCrush says:

164cm is too big for you !!!!!!161 it’s better !!!!!!

Robert Lowe says:

5:22 yeah Straya!

maratthmola says:

Seriously, what do you do for living and how can you afford to buy most expensive gear?

Chris Henrich says:

Andreas seems like such a cool dude, always handy to have someone in the industry for advice

bigbillwaltonsacidheads says:

What’s the name of the shop ? And his channel? Thanks and have fun in Japan!! Go charge

Tanner Clarke says:

Welcome to the splitboard world! If your ever down to hit Stevens pass or Baker. Let’s tour!

daveus111 says:

If you would have asked jones they would given you one for free.

Steeb says:

I want to try splitboard. But i don’t ski, i reallt don’t. Im at an expert level of snowboard tho. Is it ok to not be able to ski when splitboarding?

smt20007 says:

As a splitboarder, I’m confused as to why Kevin’s jumping into this seeming like he has no knowledge of it or the gear for it? It’s nothing like resort riding – no one’s out there to save you or watch out for you like there is at a resort.

KroutSuprem says:

that 1000$ setup…

Joe Postma says:

What is that skin they seem to be sticking to the underside of the board!????

Brandon Benn says:

Kevin, im riding in whistler for the first time this week and was wondering if you had any recommended spots to ride on blackcomb. Thanks!

Robert Lowe says:

could you use a split board for jumps or jibbing? or are they mainly for pow?

Jazzam 23 says:

What do skins do like can u take them off? Wouldn’t it be weird when snowboarding?

SidiNic says:

Thats a japan trip Cost damnn

Sonnychiba11 Sanz says:

Damn youtube paying u guys mega dollars or ur subscribers are very gullible lmao whatever yall doin keep yall hustle goin hope it last…

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