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This video does not tell you how to split your snowboard, but it does give you an introduction to what split boarding is and how it works. (If you want a how-to split your snowboard video, comment below and we’ll slate it for production. updated 8/12)

If you’re interested in split boarding and anything that has to do with backcountry touring, check out Chair 2 Board Sports. http://www.chair2boardsports.com/


dustin talorak says:

@xxniubixx their fer climbing uphill dude, nobody wants to ride a splitboard down a hill like skis

Andrew Ford says:

walking would be so much faster and easier.

BackBrah says:

Does it matter if your board has a 360 degree steel edge when cutting it with a table saw? Or does it cut right through it? Also, would you say this setup is durable enough for hard carves on hard pack snow?

barrywhite21 says:

OMG cut a Gnu in half! lol

bozemangnar says:

WOW! That was bad! haha. putting your heel risers up should be done with your pole unless you want to lose a finger! But im ok with that, people like her have no business giving instructions. VERY SCARY!

Cody Decker says:

With splitboards can you ski down the mountain as well or is that bad for it? I’m a snowboarder but I can ski as well and I’ve been looking into these recently.

foxbravo88 says:

I also toy with the idea to build a splitboard!
But what is the main advantage to cut a board in half compared with buying a factory build splitboard? Is just cheaper or are there other advantages?
Would it make sense to buy a previous season model, maybe a rocker board and cut it in half or would a factory build splitboard then be the better choice?

I know, these are lots of questions, but I think you could really help me with your answer! 🙂
Thanks in advance!

Stefani Hendry says:

Flow doesn’t make splitboard bindings. Here we showed the board with the Voile split kit compatible with any riders prefered bindings. However, we HIGHLY suggest using using Spark R&D Splitboard bindings.

Stefani Hendry says:

Splitboarding allows a snowboarder to access backcountry terrain faster, and exerting less energy than with snowshoes or approach skis. It gets the board off your back, and onto your feet. This is THE answer backcountry snowboarders have been looking for.

Emerich Kovacs III says:

You have no idea… My mind is completely blown… I found out about split boards 5 min ago. Thanks for the video!

Brian A says:

LMAO this had me rolling! “50% to cannabis actives” Priceless!

Evan Finch says:

Big compromise on rigidity in the snowboard configuration?

mskatesnow says:

yeah nice !!

Stefani Hendry says:

You do have to run skins on your board, just like you would on skis. Otherwise you’ll be slipping all over the place! Skins can run anywhere from $100-$200 depending on the brand, and material type. There are a lot of attributes that come into play such as traction, glide, tip and tail clips, and even the stickiness to your board. We sell the skins on our website that we use in the PNW on all our splits from early to mid to late season with ease and efficiency.

BoardInsiders says:

1. Heli rides are expensive.
2. A splitboard turns into skis which is faster to climb snow packed slopes than snowshoes.
3. It’s more fun to go down snow covered mountains on a snowboard (even if it’s cut in half) than on skis.

ze sun says:

She should wair grabs.

BoardInsiders says:

The big difference is that you do not get 4 metal edges, like you do on pre-made splits. But you switch them as skis to get the inside edge. (And NS makes PTex edges on the inside.

No real definitive answer here. If you get a good cut and someone who is really good at getting the hardware in, then your board will be pretty solid. But we have experienced bolts getting stripped and sh#t going sideways.

What’s interesting is that there are boards made to be split now. Whitegold, Venture, Unity.

Stefani Hendry says:

@2003fxr check us out at chair2boardsports . com

matthew loeffelholz says:

Stevens Pass!

nikdrumboard says:


Golden Sim says:

why don’t you just use bigger plates under your bindings to walk up hill instead of cutting the board in 2 to make skis ?

InTeRvEnTiOnxxKAOS says:

Whats the point of splitting the board?

Alex Stoll says:

how would a dc tone 153 work as a splitboard? i know it’s a little on the short side but it is built to float somewhat in pow and i only weigh like 145 lbs.

Chair 2- Snowboard Shop says:

Hey guys, great comments! We shot this before we were experienced splitboarders, and before we started our shop. So, I guess it’s time we answer some questions, and make some clarifications.

First off, a splitboard is not intended for short walks. This is for long walks in the backcountry up a far slope. A splitboard is ten times faster, easier, and more efficient when crossing through fresh snow. This is not intended for groomers.

Also, like I said, I was a noob at this time. With practice, technique is perfected and you become very quick and struggle free. Now that I’ve been on a split for 6 years, I would love to shoot a new video showcasing how to properly tour. Maybe we will soon. 🙂

If you are interested in splitboarding, please feel free to contact our shop through our website, facebook, or just call.

1337Sauce says:

The G is silent…

Stefani Hendry says:

They don’t call it earning your turns for nothing, man. And frankly, this is 1,000 times less of a pain-in-the-a than post-holing, snowshoes, or approach skis.

Hyperion Pacific says:

Man I want to make my own splitboard now. We just climbed Mt Adams in WA last week and used splitboards. Is the homemade version as good as the ones you would buy at a shop?

FBMiami says:

looks like a pain in the ass

tysonstl says:

@xxniubixx You are the definition of an idiot dude. Did you not just see what she did with that split board? She went UP the hill, not down. That’s what you do when you’re backcountry and there is no lift. Your grade in Split Boards 101 = FAIL

Michiel Van Tichelen says:

It’s not a good thing if your clear coat is still sticky…

BoardInsiders says:

Yes you ski up the mountain and board down.

How long does it take? Well that depends on where we’re at. For the most part it’s not just a 1 up and 1 down day. It’s more of a “tour” from bowl to bowl or section to section. If you’re splitting in a day you should expect to be going up/flat 65%, snowboard down 20%, drinking beer 15%. (And if your in WA or CO we expect 50% to cannabis activities.)

DHollanderEE says:

THANK YOU for letting me link ppl to this vid instead of giving a lengthy typed description of “what are those splitboard things about?”

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