The Jones Explorer Snowboard Review

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: Mysteries – Dan Lebowitz


Thunder Diazmo says:

Hello Angry, thanks for your video review on this one. Very informative.

I am going to buy a Jones Explorer 158W or a K2 Subculture 159W very soon so that is why I would like to ask for your opinion;

For charging on groomers with hard snow, icy runs, chunder, and moguls (wanting to also carve pretty good) what would you prefer; The Jones Explorer or the K2 Subculture? And why?

And which of these two boards has a better edge hold on groomers to your experience?

Looking forward to your reply Angry

Hristijan Dimitrieski says:

Hello Angry,

Which boots and bindings would you recommend for the Explorer?
Also I’m 175cm and 27cm boot size. Do you think that Jones Explorer 159 is good fit for me?


Grayson Kolar says:

Hi Im looking to buy the jones explorer as an all mountain quiver kind of board but also considering the Jones UMT. I am intermediate/expert rider and I mostly like to freeride, emphasis on backcountry trees (sometimes tight and technical) and deep powder but also love to send it big on natural features, cliffs and any booters that I can find when cruising groomers. I love to point it and go fast but also want a board that I can just cruise on and surf/carve. I like that the UMT is super fast and more twin (Ive been riding a true twin) but I am worried that the UMT will be too stiff and too much work as an everyday cruising type of board. I like that the explorer is more directional for powder and that it is a little more forgiving and kinda ‘jack of all trades’.
Which should I get? Im leaning toward Explorer… also Im 6′ 175lbs size 11 boot. 159 or 158W?

Dario says:

Does this board pop? Can I Ollie high?

The Dingo says:

Definitely not a park board. It is fun in the deep pow.

Trailerparkboys bestshow says:

YES. Typo, Rome Ravine, Jones Explorer, Ross one, terrain wrecker / dagmar (can you actually feel that much difference between c2 and c2x?).

Which board would you say is the best in the bunch for a dude is like you say, explorering the whole mountain?

Jokūbas Mulerskas says:

Hi, Angry Jones Explorer vs Capita Mercury?

demonsjets says:

this or gnu headspace for all mountain with a bit of freestyle?

seanmcelroy47 says:

How would you compare this to the Yes PYL?

Alexander Dougin says:

I believe it’s the best Jones board,at least in its versatility. And when you see the price…Daaaamn!

okosakaroklenni says:

Hello Avran,

Could you help me (again) please? I can’t decide between the Mountain Twin and the Explorer. Currently I own an undersized Slash Straight to accompany my powder board (Branch Manager, kudos to you). I really like Gigi’s board, but realized I only love it when I set it completely back. And finally I found out it’s because at the reference stance the camber finishes right under my front foor, while it goes further back in the rear. When I set it back it becomes more lively, has more snap. I want something that behaves similarly when in a more centered stance. The Explorer seems like a perfect-ish candidate, but wanting a more freestyle oriented board in my quiver, the Mountain Twin looks something to consider. However its stiffer construction, and it’s being more damp (accouding to reviews) is discouraging (the undersized 159cm Slash Straight is more like a middle flex board, really easy to butter, locks in a hundred times better than a Skate Banana for example). What do you think? I’m 190lbp btw. Thank you!

DoubleYouPee says:

Can’t decide between this and the mountain twin. I know this one is more directional. At the moment I’m not doing switch but who knows what happens in the future. I’ll hopefully be keeping my new board for quite some years….I’m 5’9″ and 155lbs

Rusty Nail riders says:

I am 54 and started riding last year. Dont ever see myself in the park- mostly groomers and powder days. Bought a used Rome Garage rocker SDS that I learned on and feel like I have progressed on it. It has a flat to rocker design which is fine except it is squirrelly on the cat tracks and other flatter transition areas. Looking to upgrade my board with something that has a bit more stability at higher speeds, more stability on the flat areas and will still be good for progressing with basic tricks. Is the Explorer a good choice? Any other recommendations?

Chase Worthington says:

Have been riding this board and absolutely love it. Unfortunately it took some searious damage throughout the season. How does this compare to the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin? I’m seriously considering it as my next board and unfortunately won’t get a chance to demo it. thanks

Brice Tolbert says:

I’m having trouble pinning down the difference between the Explorer and Mountain Twin. Which would you recommend for someone that doesn’t ride rails or boxes at all, but wants to ride everything in all conditions and pop off every side hit and roller?

Eric Jackson says:

I have a 2012 roundhouse 162. I am 6’5″ 240 and want something with more float in powder. Is this as a 164 big enough?

mudhippy says:

Hey Angry,

Trying to decide between the Gnu Mullair and the Jones Explorer for my new Quiver of One board.

I like to bomb, do big carves, quick carves, natural jumps play in the trees and of course pow whenever I can. I’m an Advanced rider using Union Force bindings, and ThirtyTwo Tm-Two XLT size 12US boots. 6’3 and 240 pounds, so both boards are going to be the 164W.

I hear the Explorer is supposed to be forgiving in the end of the day chop and chunder, but the Gnu is supposed to be a ton of fun and rips. Is there a huge difference between the two in forgiveness? Which would you prefer?

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