Voile Universal Splitboard Binding Review

Voile Universal Splitboard Bindings: http://tinyurl.com/mktgt47
Union Contact Bindings: http://tinyurl.com/n5ck3ma
Jones Explorer Splitboard: http://tinyurl.com/mc9kszz
Spark R&D Skins: http://tinyurl.com/m8uzbqc
BCA Avalanche Package: http://tinyurl.com/k9hy4nl

Never explore the backcountry without the proper knowledge, training, and equipment

In this video I am being shown around Berthoud Pass in Colorado for my first time splitboarding. I am riding with two friends Cameron, and Jordan who have years of experience in the backcountry, and are helping me to pick routes and make good decisions in the backcountry for my first time out. I am using my regular Union bindings from the board reviews in conjunction with the Voile Universal Splitboard Binding kit. This Voile mounting hardware allows you to use most traditional snowboard bindings on a splitboard, so you can put together a first time backcountry set up without having to invest in splitboard specific bindings, which are much more expensive. I found that the bindings work very well and transition quickly despite having a pin based locking system. Please leave your questions and comments down below, thanks for watching!

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Joe H says:

Can you do a review of never summers big gun? Thanks.

阿B的中文鬼故事 says:

hi great video! can i ask features is needed for groomer conditions?

mse says:

thank you TJ I’ve been anticipating this video

Jonathan Blais says:

I charge trees, powder and spend no time in the park. I am 220lbs and spend most of my time in resort. Now debating between Mercury, Kazu, Mullair or arbor iguchi… What would you recommend?

Super Saiyn Bro says:

They all float down there
– Pennywise

Dmario Henderson says:

Come to Mt. Baker bro!

Andrea Vaccari says:

what do you think about the PYL yes snowboard?

John Hackler says:

Any Top 5 Freeride Board list that doesn’t have the PYL or Rossi XV, is not a Top 5 Freeride list.

qaesar elhaj says:

Nice vid man. I love these best of videos. Keep them coming please

Brad Alger says:

Ok buddy amazing video, and Jones boards had better cut you a commission check cause I just dropped mad cash on a 165w carbon flagship!! With the Now! Drive bindings by Jj

Salt Trader says:

Thank you for this review!! This really helps, did you get a chance to try the Jones Carbon Flagship by any chance? @SnowboardProCamp

DaMeekTV says:

Real quick wanna say that if you want to know the real deal with the board you’re interested in buying check out TJ’s written reviews on his website, seriously, you can tell it’s personal and he tells you wassup. His description at the end of the Salomon Huck Knife is the reason I’ll be buying the board here in the next week or two. So thanks for that work you put in for us and I seen a way that if I buy through your website it’ll help you guys out? Is that only through the “buy now” button or can I go all the way to the bottom where the different links to different companies are there (the house, Evo, etc.). Then lastly, I’ll be getting the board but I wanna know from Kevin that after a year on the board are there any durability or manufacturing problems you’ve experienced?

King Kwaan says:

So Iv never ridin a split board, what’s the control and feel like compared to a normal board!

Roch de Bengy says:

Did you try the Rossignol Magtek XV ?

DLM says:

Did you try/know anything about the nitro woodcarver?

Churninpark says:

I’ve rode for two years and want to try park but I mostly do groomed trails. And ideas, it has to be around a 150 for size

SveinDeinboll says:

What do you know about the Rome Moutain Division 2018?

Pilch Jan says:

When was this filmed?

Georgy Dyagilev says:

Thanks for the video. Flagship is my favorite to, but I don’t have it yet. Hope to get it in this season..))

Justin Kirk says:

Hey TJ, what size Capita Mercury were you trying out?

Erika Constantino says:


ButterSnow says:

awesome vid as always TJ! Keep it up! I bought the neversummer funslinger this season motivated by your review and I really love the board.. maybe I’ll look into splitboarding now 😛

WideOpenChange says:

How come nobody talks about Donek?

Milk Buffalos says:

Super interested in the billy goat from Gnu!! What are your thoughts on that board

Florian Hauser says:

Hey, a few months I asked for splitboarding and here we go.
Thanks for the great content.
Greetings from Germany

martijn nefkens says:

I actually won the jones flagship from o’neil and i really love it

Chimmy Chaunga says:

Anyone tried the salomon ultimate ride?

Neil Mathews says:

Flagship for offpiste. I seriously doubt you will regret it

Ryan Smith says:

Where do you go to learn about the backcountry training?

GO VPB says:

Please do a review on the Ride bezerker . Would love to see how it stacks up to these boards

lucabrusa83 says:

What do you think about Ride Berzerker?

Osvaldo says:

Do powder boards really help? I”m thinking about getting one. Last time I went to Loveland and nothing but fluffy snow everywhere. but it was very tiring try to go without getting stuck. I was on my back foot the whole time but man that gets you thigh tired quicky. The board I have is a all mouatin board. So is a powder board worth the money.

Rodrigo Pagés says:

i mean… if you buy that board you kind of wanna have specific splitboard bindings what i did was sell my normal bindings and just buy my splitboard bindings and a retro fit system for my solid board 1 pair of bindings for the whole quiver

marty180 says:

Beauty cheers

mike vidler says:

nice video dudes, i have the same bindings and they work great. you should do more backcountry videos!

carlos machez says:

Hi mate! Carlos here, from madrid Spain. I want to buy my first board and i like the Salomon Sanchez. But the only one i can find for my size is de 159 and has a limit of weight of 90 kg. And i’m between 93-96 kg. (184cm height). My question is: would it be ok to buy it or it would be a problem for riding?? thanks in advanced!!

Duncan Alexander says:

so when you use a split throw the skis (the split board) so the two curves are are on the inside of your foot and the straight edge top to bottom is on the outside of your foot. better edge and easier walking. great footy.

Jordan says:

looks like a great pow day! awesome vid.

ZomButchSaiii says:

Good work, nice and clear reviews. And nice review for the Capita DOA 2018. Your vids are good job man! Big up from a French seasoner, working & riding in the mountain every winter season (so 5 months) for 14years! Viva la pow-pow-power!

PiMpiNx187 says:


NotaFruitRollUp says:


Trypticon says:

Considering Burton Moto’s this year. Any thoughts on these?

Dan Hollingsworth says:

Does the taper impair the carving on the 87? I thought the taper if it occurs before the contact point it makes it washy.

Fire Rose says:

So much snow.

Nick M says:

Looking at the 2018 Salomon Super 8 your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

ambrose13 says:

sweet! I converted from universal to split specific pin-less mid season and it cut 2 lbs. off my setup. Such a huge difference in uphill speed and endurance! Added 2 or 3 laps per tour.

Dominic Van Nus says:

Great vid but u said gnu instead of lib tech

Cesar Garzon says:

Where is your helmet? I just took Avy1 class and learned Backcountry is a serious deal though and you had that pole by your head X0

Ovidiu Latcu says:

fuck you TJ :)) great video as always. I really need to move to fucking CANADA I can no longer stand this channel

Vlad Luchkiv says:

Hi mate! How would you rate Rossignol One Magtek for carving and freeride?

Andrew Flower says:

That ski pole behind your head makes me super nervous haha

tatnai burnett says:

Have you ridden the DC Supernatant? Wondering how it compares to some of the boards in this video. Thanks.

John Frost says:

great information, love the channel

ben eng says:

I have the mullair and i can say coming from a burton process, its like a ferrari vs a dodge neon lol. The mullair really one of the best boards i have ridden. Its a very aggresive board with a touch playfullness and it does it all powder, groomers and kickers but not really the best for boxes and rails

Scrums says:

top 5 powder boards next???

Erika Constantino says:

Matt is still open I checked

Xia Yunshen says:

What is your Snowboard Glasses? From NFX but which model? Could you tell me? really appreciate it;) looks very nice!

turtlezed says:

you’re a pro T.J. that was great presentation….

Mark Halvorsen says:

Don’t understand why anyone would splitboard. I’d rather just get snowshoes and carry a regular board. With splitboard u get a shitty board and shitty pair of snow shoes so what’s the appeal?? Snow shoes are so much easier to walk in and regular short fat board like Warpig or, slush slasher, 420 is super light and easy to strap on ur back. Also split board are so expensive why would anyone pay more for a shittier board? This is a fad imo

Swifty1212 says:

I absolutely love your videos haha they are so chill also I’m from Canada sk not to many mountains but we got valleys agah

Twutle says:

I see you listening to tame impala 🙂

Jaden Hayes_what says:

Hi peps

Ramon Perez says:

Jones Carbon flagship is a stellar board. 165 can rip anything presented to it. Nimble for Alaska steeps and eats resort chunder. Worth mentioning—Burton Skeleton key, Lib Tech Orca and Never Summer Swift & Big Gun.

Nathan Mathias says:

This is honestly so awesome

Marcos Perez says:

This is not a good I’d ( yes pyl rossignol xv and burton flight attendant all in top five

A Million Pop Off says:

just epic!

Руслан Ка says:

A good review) But why don’t you try NS CHARMAN??? Or another NS snowboard?

NoLifeOffLine says:

That’s just looks so awesome! 🙂

T C says:

dat backdrop

Elijah Agostinelli-Stull says:


joe roche says:

I’d never buy a gnu what piles of shite

ian hill says:

2:44 TINDY!!!! Best grab in snowboarding

Florian Stockinger says:

No love for venture boards (their whole line up is pretty much freeride)….Never summer chairman?

pdxand says:

I enjoy watching you guys even though i am a skier xD

speedway says:

zi thought this was SNOWBOARD pro camps no ski pro camp

BCDC says:

Hey TJ, great reviews! I’m considering picking a Mercury, just not 100% sure which size to get. According to the weight rating on evo’s size chart I should be on a 153 or 155cm. I’m 5’9″ 145lbs size 10 boots (DC t.rice) Do you think I’ll have enough float in pow on the 153?

chris clark says:

First split board riding I’ve seen. Looks like a way to get the best powder available

Dan Dibbly says:

Hey TG I have a question for ya. Is there any issues with getting magnetracton boards edges tuned etc. Either doing it yourself or having it done in a tech shop I just wondered any hints or tips. I have a T.Rice pro from a couple of years ago that’s well in need of some love. Thanks

Eon Thulcandra says:

Next time maybe you show how to merge split board to snowboard with camera closer. Because it is the most important thing for me as a customer .Downside is this for the video

fatguy1769 says:

could you please do a video on how to set up the universal binding system?

ruskey says:

TJ what are your mittens?

Antoine Grant says:

Would love to see more splitboard/Touring content!

Lukas Richter says:

My resort closed wayyyy too early and I’m so triggered on a good snow year too!

Georgi Manchev says:

Good video! Can you still adjust your stance with this kit or you’re limited to however you’ve drilled it?

T- ROY says:

nice vid! can you do a review on the Jones Mind Expander Split? thanks

Tyler Hangting says:

Meanwhile the place where I live is 95 degrees

Harry Watsky says:

Hey TJ! Awesome video) Cant you please add some ECT or CT before you dropping? Thanks!

franceiroca says:

Niche vidéo! What is your jacket?

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