Spring Break Catamaran Snowboard Review

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This was one of the most fun days of the Japan trip and provided perfect conditions for testing powder snowboards. The whole crew is on surf shaped powder boards, and I am testing the Spring Break Catamaran Snowboard. The first thing you’ll notice is the double swallow tail on this snowboard, this creates a one-of-a-kind shape and really highlights the aesthetics of this snowboard. I rode this board is size 166 but honestly, much of the boards length comes from the cut out nose and tail, which actually doesn’t effect the performance very much. Because of that this board has a shorter effective edge and feels like a shorter snowboard. The long nose does help to poke out of the powder though and keep you on top of the snow. I also found this board to have a soft flex, i’d rate it right around a 3/10; the Catamaran is very pressable and also damp through choppy terrain thanks to the nose. The combination of a rocker dominant profile, wide frame, and taper allow this board to float very well in the soft stuff. All in all I would say this is a very functional powder board that floats just a good as it looks. Let us know any questions you have down in the comments below, thanks for watching.


Chen Jun says:

the fork head looks strange…

Chris Armstrong says:


How to Bellydance says:

Does the swallowtail help with keeping speed up in pow? I cant tell if it would cause less drag with the cutout or more with the full metal edge in the low cut.

Larry Tran says:

I’m looking for a pow board that’s good with dense snow and also hitting groomed trails. Would you recommend this board or the nitro quiver pow?


Mr. C says:

Pop dat powda pill yO!

parker dominguez says:


tommy jongmans says:

Yo TJ. Could you do a 5 best cheaper park boards?

Jborg Rap says:


TheSmlosh says:

love your vids keep them coming

jarniko g says:

yo third comment, yeah BTS love your vids 🙂

marty maness says:

That thing looks dumb.

Kerry An says:

Corey smith designs the sickest boards

Joshua Schaffer says:

That nose shooting snow upward looked very cool.

Mattia 11 says:

TJ, Do your bindings well?

GHB gamer says:

Would love to see you do a top 5 powder board list

Be TenableGerm says:

What does the cut do, why is it there 😛

Alexis McDonald says:

What board does your girlfriend have?

Dan Gifford says:

Just bought my first snowboard setup!!! Yes Basic 158, white union force team bindings (like TJs) and some sweet burton boots. So stoked this thing charges. :))

Kim Jong Un says:

how do you keep speed in slush?

Eric Rodriguez says:

Awesome video, I’ve been wondering about the catamaran and spring break decks for a while now, very cool to see one in action. Also, who makes ur guys’ beats? They are dope.

Mike Posner says:

Yo I can’t believe I got the first comment this is crazy #first

Aidan March says:

you should also do a review of the tm-3s please!

DJ TRON says:


X Dābols says:

Today i went snowboarding for the first time it was so fun and thanks you for all the tips and hacks

Patrick W. says:

That thing looks crazy!

Chris L says:

That hollowed out area in the nose really shot the snow back.

TyTube says:


Niels Dijkstra says:

TJ, you should review the Capita Springbreak Slush Slasher next, nice vid btw!

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