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After a solid day of riding powder in Hakuba, Japan I thought I would share a few things that come together to help snowboards float in powder. First I talk about the directional shape of powder boards and what a directional shape is, then we discuss a taper and how that helps, followed by talking about the camber profile of powder boards as well as what a swallow tail is. I hope this info helps you on your search for a new powder board, and that you get out there and find some pow! Check out my powder snowboard reviews on http://boardarchive.com and let me know any questions you have in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


christian cruda says:

Yo TJ, you and Kevin got a dope ass style to your guys riding

Jonas Plank says:

that balaclava looks fresh af

Michael Gibson says:

Thanks! I’m actually planning on designing and building a couple of snowboards this summer. Few helpful specifics in this video.

Rob Palmer says:

what a great overview , really useful as I
am thinking of adding a pow board to my quiver

Paul O says:

It’d be cool to see you review a Japan-made board by “Yonex”, which is the same brand as my tennis racquets. Curious if the same great quality is applied to their boards. A few of the Japanese athletes use it in the Olympics.

the ledge says:

hey TJ, this is kind of a long question but i really need board advice. im a intermediate to advanced rider, my first board was a full rocker really soft horrible snowboard, i just bought it cause i didnt know anything about boards, but then when i replaced that i wanted something as far away from that as possible, so i got the NVR SMMR ripsaw. that was good for me for a while cause i was just basically carving, but now im finding i want something alot more middle ground as im really liking the park although im a beginner in it, im pretty good at jumps from skate experience and stuff, so im looking for a board that i can take all through the park that is loose enough for some buttering and jibs, but still has a decent amount of stability, but (yes three buts) will still be fun if im taking it around on groomers and stuff. so basically a slightly park leaning all mountain freestyle board. thanks so much for any advice from anyone and keep makin sweet videos TJ

vanislandsurf says:

Why didn’t you take your Mind Expander?

Joshua Schaffer says:

I got one powder day kind of by accident. I was leaving early because it was snowing pretty hard. I was too late already snowed in so I went back to riding in like a foot of powder or so. My funslinger did pretty good. I did notice under the powder if there was any ice the vario grip only did so much. I slid out pretty hard once. Magne traction would be preferable. But other than that a bit of back leg soreness and it was still a good time. Like floating on a cloud.

preferredstucco says:

1 hr away from you is 3x the snow, go ride Seki-Onsen or Akukara in Myoko, but don’t make a video about it. Lol

Tom Sharpe says:

Hey man, you ever ridden the Rome sawtooth?

Tuxman25 says:

Have fun riding the pow. I am riding alongside in my head. 😉

stevros48 says:

Hey TJ I was just wondering what weight you were and whether you measure your weight with all your gear on including boots ?
I wear armor and all up including helmet clothes boots gloves I weigh about 86kg.

Ive only seen the Rossignal Sushi in size 145 and it says limit is 100 to 150lbs.
What are your thoughts on the Burton Branch Manager and the Rossignal XV Magtek ?

brendan strange says:


Timmy Twist says:

Love the videos, keep them coming you ride with so much style JA POW

Leevi21 says:

what hood/balaclava that is? it’s sick!

Sly Dog says:

Wait for it to have a real dump of snow. That’s not real Japow 😉 you will know when you have hit it.. waist deep.

mathieu nataf says:

What about KORUA SHAPES?

Faith & Action says:

http://www.faithandaction.net/snowboard/ makes the perfect powder snowboard in my opinion!

Calvin Lee says:

This channel and Kevin’s channel are the best 2 boarding channels on youtube! keep it up!

Chris Henrich says:

That hood is dope!

inMotionSLB says:

i just need to find proper pow and im on my way to get a powder board!

CJ Sarvinis says:

im lovin the content tj keep up the grat work!!

Move. Explore says:

Great explanation

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