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Snowboard Alpin Finale in Frutschellas, St. Moritz (05.04.2014) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HertigProductions Web: http://koptercam.ch

Watch and learn about the new 2015 Jones Solution Splitboard, from Jones Snowboarding. http://www.shorelineoftahoe.com

2014 Burton Snowboards – http://www.the-house.com/new-snbd-burton-snowboards.html A powder monster, the 2014 Cloudsplitter bites into the powder with its swallow tail and is sure to be one of the funnest rides of the season. Product Link – http://www.the-house.com/9858btcldsp14zz-burton-snowboards.html Get Social : Google+: https://plus.google.com/+thehouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HouseBoardshop Twitter: https://twitter.com/houseboardshop/ Instagram: thehouseboardshop http://instagram.com/thehouseboardshop/

Sneak peak at the Salomon splitboards Split 47, Rancho and Sick Stick from ISPO 2013 www.epictv.com

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-K2-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-K2-Ultradream-Snowboard.32059.3693.aspx K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard 2014 Ripping in the whiteroom Remember that feeling of waking up from an amazing dream and how bummed it felt to be robbed of what could have been? …Yeah us too, which is why we developed the Ultra Dream. A snowboard loaded with BC Shaping, Tweekend™ tip and tail, and […]

http://www.boardinsiders.com/ http://www.romesnowboards.com/ Swallow tails were back in full effect for 2014. Check out the Rome Whiteroom for a split version.

http://alpineskishop.com/snowboard/snowboard-boots/ride-boots/ Chris goes through the new 2014 ride revolt snowboard binding for your watching enjoyment. Can you say Slimeback! Follow us on Online: https://www.instagram.com/alpineskishop/ https://www.facebook.com/alpinefanpage/

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Salomon-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Salomon-Wonder-Womens-Snowboard.31770.3499.aspx Salomon Wonder Women’s Snowboard 2014 Jump on it The 8th wonder of the world-Popster Core and a Cross Profile ensure a buttery-smooth all mountain ride, while Royal Rubber Pads under foot add extra cushion for bumpy landings. It’s no wonder our team loves this all-terrain beauty. Details: Shape: Directional Twin Profile: Cross Profile Side […]

http://alpineskishop.com/snowboard/snowboard-boots/ride-boots/ Chris from Alpine goes over the new Ride Triad snowboard boot for 2014. New to ride is tongue tied heel closure from boa. Super good! Follow us on Online: https://www.instagram.com/alpineskishop/ https://www.facebook.com/alpinefanpage/

Snowboarding Gloves Review – 2014 Burton Gore-Tex Glove with Screen Grab function at ISPO 2013

Product Link: http://www.the-house.com/rd1lx06re14zz-ride-snowboard-bindings.html Little Red Riding Guf reviews the incomparable Ride LX Snowboard Binding. HEat-up the mountain with all new features like Spectrum Chassis System, Wedgie Footbed and Compact Disc. Plus, many more high-tech features that will turn the competition red with anger! Find your game changer at http://www.the-house.com/ Get Social : Google+: https://plus.google.com/+thehouse Facebook: […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Jones-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Jones-Flagship-Snowboard.31459.3690.aspx Jones Flagship Snowboard 2014 Ideal for Freeriding and Fall-Line Freestyle After four years of first descents and 100-day seasons from Squaw Valley to Verbier, the Flagship is widely regarded as one of the finest freeride boards on the planet. The Flagship’s now-legendary reputation comes as no surprise to Jeremy Jones. Jeremy has spent the […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Jones-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Jones-Mountain-Twin-Snowboard.31462.3690.aspx Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard 2014 Ideal for Backcountry Freestyle & Resort Radness The award winning Mountain Twin may have a pretty face, but it hasn’t collected accolades the world over for it’s gorgeous graphics. This all-mountain charger is coveted and celebrated because is freakin’ ridiculously fun to ride. As playful as it is powerful, […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Jones-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Jones-Hovercraft-Snowboard.31460.3690.aspx Jones Hovercraft Snowboard 2014 Ideal for Powder Hunting & Crud Busting When is a pow board, not just a pow board? When your pow board is an all-terrain, all-conditions battle-axe like the Hovercraft. Blower, crud or crust are no match for the trim and explosive Hovercraft as it floats through it all without sacrificing […]

www.BasinSki.com Salomon Rancho Snowboard 2014 Piste-off This brain-child of Josh Dirksen fuses surf ideology with alpine practicality in an all-mountain revolution. Our new Backseat Camber puts the power under the backfoot and freedom in the front. We’re all a part of the tribe, bro. Details: Shape:Tapered Directional Profile: Backseat Camber Side Cut: Quadratic Construction: ABC […]

Burton Snowboards – http://www.the-house.com/snbd-burtonall.html The Burton Fish Snowboard is a directional board for intermediate to advanced level riders. With a double swallow tail, the back end of your board has more surface area in contact with the snow making turns and carving simple and effective. Product Link – http://www.the-house.com/9856btfish14zz-burton-snowboards.html Get Social: Google+: https://plus.google.com/+thehouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HouseBoardshop […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Salomon-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Salomon-Derby-Snowboard.31772.3499.aspx Salomon Derby Snowboard 2014 Rad Racing Spawn of the beloved Pow Snake, this mid-wide ride escaped and created its own snake den. Featuring Pow Rocker, Popster, and Aspen Strong Core, the Derby defies the rules of snowboarding. Inspired by deep days in Japanese powder, the Derby has an exaggerated nose and stiff tail for […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Jones-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Jones-Flagship-Carbon-Snowboard.31464.3690.aspx Jones Flagship Carbon Snowboard 2014 Ideal for High-Speed Freeriding and Technical Lines The Carbon Flagship is a freeride scalpel capable of surgical precision on the rowdiest lines around. Whether inbounds or out, it crushes terrain with a confidence underfoot unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The carbon topsheet and specially positioned carbon stringers combine to […]

http://alpineskishop.com/ride-kx-snowboard-binding-2016/ Chris from Alpine goes over the new Ride KX snowboard binding for 2014. Follow us on Online: https://www.instagram.com/alpineskishop/ https://www.facebook.com/alpinefanpage/

Product Link- http://www.the-house.com/9852flver14zz-flow-snowboards.html Flow’s Verve Snowboard is a freestyle terrain, twin board for any level of rider. The Verve is soft and poppy, and perfect for jibbing. Flow Snowboards- http://www.the-house.com/snbd-flow.html Social Links – Get Social : Google+: https://plus.google.com/+thehouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HouseBoardshop Twitter: https://twitter.com/houseboardshop/ Instagram: @thehouseboardshop http://instagram.com/thehouseboardshop/

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Ride-SNowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Ride-Highlife-UL-Snowboard.32042.3500.aspx Ride Berzerker Snowboard 2014 Get Crazy on This Versatile Hybrid STYLE: ALL MOUNTAIN SHAPE: HYBRID STANCE: ¾” SETBACK DESCRIPTION: Designed with pro big mountain shredder Jake Blauvelt, the Berzerker is ideal for the ultimate soul riding experience, offering all-time versatility and superior response. Featuring rocker in the nose and a level micro-camber zone extending […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Ride-SNowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Ride-Highlife-UL-Snowboard.32042.3500.aspx Ride Highlife UL Snowboard 2014 An Intoxicating Ride STYLE: ALL MOUNTAIN, POWDER SHAPE: HYBRID STANCE: ¾” SETBACK DESCRIPTION: The Highlife UL showcases our potent Popwalls™ sidewall technology that combines our urethane Slimewalls® with our carbon Pop Rods® for the max in pop and enhanced response. The Highlife UL also features our Hybrid All Mountain […]

http://www.basinshopping.com/Product/Buy-Snowboards-Online-ALPINE-SNOWBOARDS-FOR-SALE_2014-Jones-Aviator-Snowboard.31458.3497.aspx Ideal for Expert Freestyle and All-Mountain Carving Calling all freestyle fighter pilots. Your new war plane is waiting in the hangar. Built for speed and flight, the Aviator is a high-performance directional freestyle board for riders that rail carves and boost big in all-conditions. The nimble handling and supersonic acceleration of the Aviator results […]