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At Lib Tech there’s a dream built in to every board we make. Travis Rice has a lot of dreams from the freestyle park dominance of the T-Rice Pro to the new all mountain powder pillow destroying Orca aka”…the best board I’ve ever ridden.” Join us at Travis’ fireside chat as he takes us through […]

http://www.boardinsiders.com http://www.salomonsnowboard.com 2016 Salomon Villain Snowboard Review For the 2016 Shred Cred testing season, the snow in the NW was a challenge. So we decided to make the most of it and test only park boards. Well, it snowed and we were able to test this year’s boards everywhere (for the most part). What started […]

A true powder board, Weston’s Japow is characterized by a large nose and deep swallowtail, with 25 millimeters of taper between the former and latter. Riders found its mid-stiff flex floaty and responsive and its overall demeanor to excel on elongated, swooping turns. See the reviews, dropping weekly: https://twsnow.com/powboards2019 For the latest TWSNOW updates, follow […]

The Cask is a new shape from Arbor based on the notion that there is more than one way to achieve float. In the Cask’s case, surface area—which translates to float—is achieved more through width than length. Available in a 145 and 150, with waists that sit slightly below and above the 27-centimeter mark, respectively, […]

The Stun Gun is a new freeride-oriented shape from Burton, designed with powder as its first intent with a large squared off nose and a small, stiff swallowtail. See the reviews, dropping weekly: https://twsnow.com/powboards2019 For the latest TWSNOW updates, follow us on: Facebook – http://twsnow.co/Facebook Instagram – http://twsnow.co/Instagram YouTube – http://twsnow.co/YouTube Twitter – http://twsnow.co/Twitter

The Brainstorm was developed by Manuel Diaz to be a freestyle powder machine. It’s twin in shape, directional in flex, and has slightly more rocker in front than back, all of which made it really playful and buoyant in pow. Added bits like carbon Xs underfoot and Kevlar and carbon blends in the tips helped […]

Jones Snowboards founder Jeremy Jones explains how to choose the perfect snowboard for your size and riding style in this multi-part video series. In episode five, Jeremy explains how to choose a ‘daily driver’ snowboard that will offer you the best performance day in, day out in all types of snow conditions.

http:/www.boardinsiders.com The best reason to have Burton’s Channel System (EST) we have ever seen. Seems like one of the most easily adjusted split puck systems we’ve ever seen. Burton Family Tree Split Boards with Spark R&D Colab Bindings.

http://www.boardinsiders.com http://www.salomonsnowboard.com/ 2015 Salomon Premiere Splitboard Snowboard Teardown Hot to turn a 2015 Salomon Premiere Splitboard snowboard into skis and back into a a snowboard.

http://www.boardinsiders.com/ http://www.romesnowboards.com/ Swallow tails were back in full effect for 2014. Check out the Rome Whiteroom for a split version.

This is the Rome Moontail Snowboard ripping in powder at Northstar, Lake tahoe on April 8, 2017 with GoPro. The board performs excellent in powder and OK on groomers. The huge nose makes a huge difference on how the board flows through the powder; it mows through clumps of snow that an all-mountain board would […]

In a sea of choices, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to determine which snowboard is the right one for you strap into. That is why SNOWBOARDER Magazine created The Blackboard Experiment, to shine a light on some of the season’s best freestyle snowboards in hopes that when you head to your local shop, […]

At Donek we are constantly working to make our boards better. We perform various board test throughout the winder season of all our lines from freestyle snowboards to BX snowboards, you are sure to find a board that is custom made for you to out perform the rest! Donek, unique boards for unique people! Freestyle […]

http://www.boardinsiders.com http://www.chair2boardsports.com/ http://www.facebook.com/boardinsiders http://www.facebook.com/Chair2BoardSports This video does not tell you how to split your snowboard, but it does give you an introduction to what split boarding is and how it works. (If you want a how-to split your snowboard video, comment below and we’ll slate it for production. updated 8/12) If you’re interested in split […]

http://www.boardinsiders.com Reviews http://www.facebook.com/BoardInsiders News GNU Park Pickle Review Is the GNU park pickle better than the GNU B-street?

Orcières Merlette, France 15.01.2016 Powder Board – Capita Spring Break Tree Hunter 2016 rider: Martin Radnev music: Angry Johnny and the Killbillies – High Noon in Killville sponsored by: https://www.facebook.com/rapsodytravel.bulgaria

http://www.boardinsiders.com http://www.romesnowboards.com 2017 Rome Agent Rocker Snowboard Review

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Whitegold’s three-dimensional Triple Base Technology gives this board a spooned nose that noticeably lifted in soft snow. A similar, yet subtler design in the swallowtail allowed our weight to sink the back-end and toss up powder roosts. The combined curvatures also made for smoother arcing turns since the shape is already pre-bent and pre-curved. Carbon […]

Guf goes through the details of the Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag. Traveling this winter/ This dynamic bag has all the storage you need. You can find ther Burton Wheelie bag at: http://www.the-house.com/bt5whbc56tbk15zz-burton-snowboard-bags.html Get Social : Google+: https://plus.google.com/+thehouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HouseBoardshop Twitter: https://twitter.com/houseboardshop/ Instagram: @thehouseboardshop http://instagram.com/thehouseboardshop/