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ThirtyTwo MTB Jones Splitboard Boot 2018-2019 – Sean Sewell of Engearment.com goes deep into the premier splitboarding boot. Be sure to head over to Engearment.com for detailed reviews from Sean, Russell Cunningham and Rafael Pease. more here – https://engearment.com/splitboarding/thirtytwo-jones-mtb-splitboard-boot-stiffest-boot-ever/

The Coda Split is built on a reclined version of our Rocker System technology to increase skin–to–snow contact when climbing. The design brings the versatile, surfy performance of Coda Rocker design to riders who go deep and want extra float. To learn more about the Coda Splitboard visit: http://arborcollective.com/snowboards/products/coda-splitboard/

Leave your comments with what you want to see in the next episode and get featured in our vids! Xavier de le Rue takes you on a tour of discovery. Find out what it means to splitboard like a pro. New episodes coming every Wednesday. Shred Hacks follows Xavier de le Rue as he shows […]

Greg Fugate from Mervin Manufacturing sits down with Guf to have a chat about the 2019 Lib Tech Splitboard. With versatility and the craftsmanship of Lib Tech, the new Lib Tech Splitboard will have you conquering all areas of the mountain. 2019 Lib Tech Splitboard: https://www.the-house.com/9862ltsbw18zz-lib-tech-splitboards.html Get Social : Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/HouseOu… Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehouseout… Twitter: https://twitter.com/HouseOutdoors […]

We’ve been making splitboard bindings and winning hearts and awards for over a decade now. Our Arc and Surge bindings are considered the best splitboard bindings you can buy. But we couldn’t help but ask ourselves – how much further could we go? We pored over our Arc and Surge bindings from end to end […]

The Backwoods is ideal for the rider that gets into the backcountry for the fresh powder and wants a board that can handle whatever terrain it takes to get there. From steep couloirs to wide open bowls, this board excels in powder for everywhere powder can be found. Terrain: All-Mountain, Freeride, Powder Ability Level: Intermediate […]

Sean Sewell of Engearment goes over the 2018 – 2019 Spark R&D Pro Surge vs Karakoram Carbon X Prime Splitboard bindings. This is a detailed comparison of both high-end splitboard bindings. Sean also put together detailed reviews on each binding separately​, available on Engearment.com link to full reviews! – https://engearment.com/splitboarding/karakoram-vs-spark-rd-splitboard-bindings-2018/

Top Gear Picks Jones Solution Splitboard: http://bit.ly/2SHmRk0 Union Bindings: http://bit.ly/2kdjsu7 Oakley Goggles: http://bit.ly/2S5Ecn3 Volcom Jacket: http://bit.ly/2yswni9 Volcom Pants: http://bit.ly/2AhZq9O Anolog Mittens: http://bit.ly/2GcFs5H Sandbox Helmet: http://bit.ly/2kml7vT ThirtyTwo Boots: http://bit.ly/2RPSJDd Blackstrap Facemask: http://bit.ly/2yd5yRY Dakine Backpack: http://bit.ly/2Afyjx3 GoPro 7 Black: http://bit.ly/2rzfdwo Andreas’ Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSpazhero In this video I head into Comor Sports in the Whistler village to pick […]

Check the whole splitboard collection online: http://go.blue-tomato.com/setupsplitboardsyt You are dedicated to powder and love to ride backcountry, but don’t want to give up snowboarding? There’s a simple solution called splitboard! In this little edit we show you a selection of different splitboards and how to turn them from a snowboard to a pair of skis […]

Buy: http://bit.ly/2zyN3pv |- Full Review: https://mtnweekly.com/reviews/jones-mind-expander-splitboard/ I tested the 2018/19 Jones Mind Expander Splitboard in the Teton Mountains. Find out how the Jones Mind Expander Split performed. Jones Mind Expander Snowboard – http://bit.ly/2FHVpR8

First day out on the new Union Expedition Splitboard Bindings! Overall very stoked on these. They have the easiest heel riser to use, I was able to use my basket on my pole for both down and up (usually need to use my hands or top of pole). The ride was like my forces that […]

2019 Nitro Squash Splitboard Snowboard Review The new Squash Splitboard is based off of our OG Squash which floats like a boat, carves like a dream, catches so much air you´re guaranteed to scream. The Squash was received so well, we decided to split it and allow you to go deeper, further, and have way […]

I’ve been trying to find the ideal splitboard specific boot for the last few years. The ThirtyTwo MTB Jeremy Jones splitboard boots pack a lot of tech into a a great product. Lets go over some of the major details and see if these are the right boots for you and your needs. Stop by […]

Weston Snowboad and Splitboards Preview at OR 2018

Here you get the presentation of the burton landlord split and the burton splitboard binding, if you like to get further info, just visit: German: http://www.splitboarding.eu/de/splitboard/burton-snowboards English: http://www.splitboarding.eu/en/splitboard/burton-snowboards Leave behind the cattle herd in the liftline. Save yourself the hassle of the sled and the gold card crowd with their cats and helis. Seek solitude […]

Watch and learn about the new 2015 Jones Solution Splitboard, from Jones Snowboarding. http://www.shorelineoftahoe.com

Buy: http://tahoelab.com |- Full Review: https://mtnweekly.com/reviews/tahoelab-directional-splitboard/ I tested a TahoeLab Directional Splitboard in the Teton this winter, find out how this TahoeLab splitboard performed touring on the way up and splitboarding on the way down in deep snow.

2019 Nitro Döppleganger Splitboard Snowboard Review Even Lighter To Allow You To Go Further Faster! This year we have reduced the overall weight of the Dopplegänger, allowing you to ditch the crowds at the resorts and go further than the existing split track to get to the untouched pow fields with energy to spare for […]

Buy: http://bit.ly/2I6QbhP |- Full Review: https://mtnweekly.com/reviews/lib-tech-travis-rice-goldmember-splitboard/ I took the Lib Tech Travis Rice Splitboard for some tours in the Wyoming backcountry for this review.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2vZ9Wmw |- Full Review: https://mtnweekly.com/reviews/capita-neo-slasher/ I tested the Neo Slasher Splitboard in the Teton this winter, find out how the Capita Neo Slasher Split performed touring on the way up and splitboarding on the way down during a deep La Nina winter.

This is a video on how to properly set up your new Union Expedition Splitboard Bindings. If you’re still having trouble after the video or have any questions about how to set up your bindings please feel free to shoot us an e-mail, message on facebook or give us a call. For more info visit: […]

2015 Nitro Thunder Splitboard Preview Never has it been easier to get what you want. Gain access to that secret powder stash – disguised with this undercover Lowrider Camber splitboard. For the people who want to experience more than just the runs that are accessible by chairlifts. Sizes: 157, 162, 166 Get Social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nitrousa […]